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Zexion in-game
Vital Statistics
Title(s) The Cloaked Schemer
Gender Male
Race Nobody
Faction The Legion
Relatives None
Alignment -4
Level 6
Status Unknown (inactive)

Zexion is a member of Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts series of games, who achieved significant infamy throughout the Multiverse due to his acts of villainy.

The member who played Zexion played him until June 1st, 2008, at which point he was shuttle passed to Davian Thule.



Most of Zexion's activity was before the Refresh. He, along with Sarah Kerrigan and Jon Irenicus, helped to create the Bastion of Darkness on the Moon. After it was destroyed during Pestiss' Refreshing Wave after the God Wars, he also helped rebuild it with Mephistopheles and others.

Zexion was a member of the Apex Tactical Contractors for a time, and later The Legion.

Along with Luxord and Kefka, Zexion helped kick off the Faction Wars, and was one of the few to survive the ordeal.

Powers and Capabilities[]

Zexion wielded the legendary sword Ashbringer, and also made heavy use of dark magic, barriers, illusions, and reflect spells. He also possessed a magical pocketwatch, with which he could stop time itself.

Zexion had several followers, the named ones being Zeliek, Cassus, and Elanora.


  • "I've dealt with greater beings than you... I'll eject you from this sanctum myself!"


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