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Zack Fair
Zack image
Zack, with the Buster Sword
Vital Statistics
Title(s) Dean of Multiverse Garden, Special Forces Tactics
Gender Male
Race Human (Genetically-Enhanced)
Faction Multiverse Garden
Relatives Aerith Gainsborough (Ex-Girlfriend), Paula Polestar (Girlfriend)
Alignment +3.5
Level 2
Status Switched

Zack Fair is a protagonist from the Final Fantasy VII compilation of games. Although a pivotal and influential character throughout the series, he wasn't actually playable save for one of the latest installments of the compilation's games, Crisis Core, where he takes the starring role. Many of the norms of the original game's setting are influenced in one way or another by Zack and his adventure in Crisis Core.

The current player behind Zack is the founding admin for Celestial Refresh, and has been under the control of this player since 2007. There have been two other players who possessed this character before his current player, but neither of them had Zack for nearly as long.



Powers and Capabilities[]

Zack is a classic example of a Fighter/Warrior character being adapted to CR's stat system. He is largely a physical combatant, so he possesses mostly Melee-type attacks, balances defenses with offenses on his equipment, and sports an above-average amount of HP and DP. There are really only two curveballs to this formula: the fact that he is capable of wielding powerful magic in the form of materia, and is an unorthodox "copy-cat" character in the form of his Digital Mind Wave. Although he has used both these capabilities sparingly on the board, he could one day have just as many magical-based techniques as he does physical ones, rounding out his other-wised specialized stat build.


  • "Hey... would you say I became a hero?" -Zack to Cloud in Crisis Core's closing seconds.
  • "Boy oh boy... the price of freedom is steep."
  • "And no matter what... never lose sight of your honor, and your dreams."


  • Zack's design and overall appearance actually stems from what the creators had planned for Cloud Strife, the main protagonist of the series.

    The alleged "Zack Bowie" photo.

  • Both Cloud and Zack are designed to be a stark contrast to Sephiroth, as Zack has dark hair to Sephiroth's silvery hair, and Cloud is rather short when pitted next to the towering Sephiroth.
  • Zack's last name - Fair - is an obvious play on his personality, especially in contrast to Cloud's, whose surname is Strife.
  • Zack is one of the very few protagonists in the series that has not only one, but both parents still alive for most of the series' timeline.
  • In some images, Zack posseses a rather strange resemblance to a young David Bowie.

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