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Yoshi's Island
A view of Yoshi's Island
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Yoshi's Island is an island off the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom. Per the name, it is inhabited by peaceful dinosaurs called Yoshi. Mario had a couple of adventures here, as a baby and as an adult.


Yoshi's Island was a peaceful island inhabited by Yoshi's. Until one day, Baby Bowser and his assistant Kamek decided to stir up some trouble. Baby Bowser made a castle on the island, and had Baby Mario and Baby Luigi kidnapped. However, his minions only succeeded in kidnapping Luigi, dropping Mario accidentally onto Yoshi's Island. Baby Mario was eventually found by Yoshi, who decided to help assist the future superstar in reclaiming Baby Luigi. Eventually, the group of Yoshi succeeded in defeating a giant Baby Bowser, and rescuing Baby Luigi. Sometime later, a Bowser from the future decided to start kidnapping all of the babies in the mushroom kingdom for some reason. This time, however, Bowser's minions failed to capture Baby Mario or Peach, and the Yoshi again decided to help assist the babies in defeating Bowser and recovering the others. With the help of other babies like Donkey Kong, Wario, and even Baby Bowser, the Yoshi's and their little friends eventually rescued the other babies, and took down a super powered Bowser. After Baby Mario and Luigi grew up a bit, Yoshi's Island was one of the places attacked by the Shroobs, an alien race. The island was terrorized by a giant Shroob dinosaur, who ate the Yoshi and tried to turn them into some type of monster in his insides. Fortunately, Baby Mario and Luigi, and adult Mario and Luigi foiled this plot, and set the Yoshi free. Sometime after, Mario and Luigi grew up, and came back to the island with Peach, only for Bowser to kidnap the Yoshi and Peach. And, working together again, Mario, Luigi, and the Yoshi's toppled Bowser, and rescued Princess Peach.

Multiversal Timeline[]

Yoshi's Island, outside of a few changes of hands, were left alone for the most part. The Sorrow decided to come in and brutally take the island, but did not have the island for long as he mysteriously vanished. Yoshi's Island connection to the Multiverse was severed when Pestiss' Refreshing Wave happened.