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Vital Statistics
Title(s) Son of an Einherjar, Defiler of Souls
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction N/A
Relatives Thyodor: Einherjar Father (Currently captured by Lady Hel)

Margot: Mother (Currently Insane)

Elsie: Sister (Dead)

Ailyth: Demon Hound sent by Lady Hel who refuses to leave him...

Alignment +1: Vengeful Warrior
Level 1
Status Alive

Wylfred is a troubled young man, often driven to extremes by his rage and desire for vengeance. In his game, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, Wylfred's desire for vengeance against the Valkyrie is manipulated by Lady Hel, leading him to accidentally betray his best friend by sacrificing him to the Plume. Shortly afterwards, Ailyth is sent to further explain the deal between Wylfred and Lady Hel, as well as to guide him on his quest for revenge.

The game ends in one of three ways. First is the C Path, where Wylfred sacrifices many of his allies, destroys the Valkyrie's body, only to find out he could never completely destroy her. He is then cast into Nilfheim. On the B Path, Wylfred sacrifices only a few allies. He still takes the fight to the Valkyrie, but is interrupted by his dead father, now an Einherjar, interrupting the battle. The two fight, with Wylfred coming out as the sad victor. Ailyth attempts to take Wylfred to Nilfheim, but his father pushes him out of the way at the last moment, taking his place. In the best ending, the A Path, only Ancel is sacrificed. Wylfred tells Ailyth he would rather go to Nilfheim then to betray anyone else, and that he is ready to go. Ailyth is furious, and changes to her true form of Garm, Lady Hel's Demon Hound. After a long battle in which Ancel, as an Einherjar, is sent to aid Wylfred, Garm is forced to leave, though she taunts that she will return.

The RPer picked up Wylfred within days after ARP was changed to allow a third character, back in Janurary of 2011, and has RPed him since.


Wylfred grew up in the poor village of Tourque in the Crell Monferaigne/Artolia border area. Seven years before the events of CotP, Wyl’s father, Thyodor, falls in battle. A messenger brings news of Thyodor’s fall to Wyl and his mother, Margot, as well as the feather left behind by the Valkyrie as a sign that he’s been made an einherjar. Margot is unable to find work in Tourque, and the family slowly begins to starve over the years. This hits Wyl’s little sister Elsie the hardest, and she starves to death. Margot starts to go mad with grief, at first constantly cursing the Valkyrie for destroying her family, but eventually starts to imagine herself as being recently married to Thyodor, seeing Thyodor in Wyl instead of a son.

Seven years later, leaving his mother under the care of a family friend, Tilte, Wyl and his best friend Ancel head to Auwellyn Keep as mercenaries to earn gold fighting against the monsters that constantly attack that area. While Ancel is happy for the gold, he’s mainly there to try to talk Wylfred out of his crazy plan to slay the Valkyrie.

During their first battle at Auwellyn Keep, Wylfred and Ancel stay outside of the fortress walls a tad longer than the others, looking to keep proof of their kill of one particularly large demon that had appeared in battle. While Ancel’s back was turned, the demon got back up and charged at Ancel. Wylfred spotted the demon, and jumped in the way, taking a deathblow for his friend. Furious, Ancel finishes off the demon for good, and then starts begging for his friend’s life back, offering his own life in Wylfred’s place.

Wylfred meanwhile, can hear the Valkyrie talking through the white all around him. He hears another voice begging the Valkyrie to spare his soul and to return him to life. Apparently, this being is held in high regard by the Valkyrie, as she agrees and Wylfred starts the slow decent back to his body. During this time however, another voice starts talking to him: Lady Hel, Lord of the Niflheim/the Netherealm. Lady Hel asks him if he’s willing to do anything for revenge against the Valkyrie, already knowning the answer. Wyl says yes, and Lady Hel shows him the Valkyrie feather that Wylfred always carries around in memory of his father. She tells him that he will need to invoke the plume, and gives him the lines needed to do so. With that, he returns to the mortal realm, much to the relief of Ancel. Ancel and Wyl head back inside to get their gold, only to find out that monsters have managed to break into the lower floors of the Keep. The dual start to defend their particular area, before three demons appear: more than a match for them. Lady Hel tells Wylfred to use the plume on Ancel so that they can win the battle. Wylfred, not knowing what the plume does, agrees. Ancel is suddenly charged with power, and is easily able to destroy the demons. At the end of the battle however, he collapses. The plume is claiming his life, though he believes that the Valkyrie agreed to his earlier trade of his own life for Wyl’s. Ancel tries to fight death, but is unable to do so and passes on.

Wylfred starts panicking, not only shocked that his friend has suddenly died, but afraid that the others will think that he killed Ancel. Then the head mercenary, Heugoe, walks in to check up on the two youth to see if they are still alive. As Heugoe asks about what happened to Ancel, Wylfred runs away, proclaiming that he hadn’t killed Ancel, leaving a very confused Heugoe to try to figure out how Ancel died.
Meanwhile, Wylfred is in the woods, cursing the plume that he had so foolishly used, when a woman in a maid’s dress suddenly appears out of nowhere. She introduces herself as Ailyth, explaining that she was sent by Lady Hel to aid Wylfred in his quest for revenge. She explains that Wyl needs to gather enough sin to completely stain the plume black. Once such an event has occurred, the plume will change into a weapon that can strike down the Valkyrie. However, Wyl only has one year to do so, otherwise Lady Hel will claim his soul. Grudgingly, Wyl realized he has no choice but to go along with the plan, unless he wants to be sent to the netherealm. Ailyth also explains that she will be helping by explaining various world events to Wylfred, so that he may go to those battlefields, and gather enough overkill that it counts as sin. It’s also revealed that nobody but Wyl can see or hear Ailyth, to which Wyl remarks that he’s going to look like a madman to anyone overhearing him talking to Ailyth.

As he’s wandering through the woods in Artolia however, an archer by the name of Cheripha attacks Wyl, thinking that he was one of the trackers looking for her. The actual trackers then appear and attack both of them, thinking that Wyl is working with Cheripha. Wyl and Cheripha stop the first wave of attacks against them, though one man on the other side of the battlefield keeps trying to convince Cheripha to stand down, to which she refuses. After they flee into town, Cheripha decides to follow Wyl around for a while in order to try to get him to stop being so cynical. As they leave down, the man that kept trying to get Cheripha to surrender attacks again with another wave of soldiers. Cheripha and Wyl fight their way through the soldiers and bring the strange man to his knees. It is revealed that the man’s name is Lockswell, and that he’s Cheripha’s father. They were both forced to become assassins after Lockswell’s wife betrayed the Artolian Court. But in doing so, Lockswell became distant from his daughter, who in turn ran away from the Assassin’s Guild. Lockswell thanks Wylfred for saving his daughter’s life, deciding that he was going to spend the rest of his life with his daughter instead of working as an assassin. Cheripha is still determined to make Wyl cheer up, and insists on traveling with him more.

Later on, the serfs in Artolia start a rather organized revolt against the Artolian government. The Artolian government has been in conflict for a while now, due to the previous king dying, and the two princes in conflict over who should get the throne. In turn, the country has been neglected, which caused the serfs to suffer and eventually revolt. It is revealed that a neighboring country, Villnore, is supporting the serfs so that the country will be divided and easy to claim. Ailyth tells Wylfred there are three sides he can take: the serf’s side, Villnore’s side, or the mercenaries sent by Artolia's side. Wyl decides that he will see the most combat by helping the serf’s side. As he joins their camp, he meets Natalia, the woman in charge of the serfs, and the Villnorian knight Earnest, who completely supports the serfs and isn’t aware of Villnore’s plans. Villnore’s plans are quickly made clear though when Earnest’s best friend from Villnore, Darius, attacks Natalia. Natalie, Earnest, and Wyl kill Darius’s troops, and leave Darius barely alive. Earnest questions Darius about his actions, and Darius quietly reveals that he was under orders from Villnore to betray the serf rebellion and anyone working with them. While Earnest and Natalia are too stunned to do anything, Darius pulls out his sword once more, only to stab himself with it, unable to struggle with if he should be loyal to his country or best friend anymore.

Realizing that this is all a set up, Natalia quietly surrenders herself to Artolia’s mercenaries so that she may be executed, and that the country will still be unified if Villnore attacks. Earnest and Wyl charge into the keep where she is about to be executed in order to save her upon finding out that Villnore has decided to kill all of the serfs anyways. Inside the keep however is Heugoe, the head mercenary from before. Wylfred and Earnest kill Heugoe and the other mercenaries, while saving Natalia. Earnest explains to Natalia that all of the rebelling serfs were killed by Villnorian troops in order to keep their involvement hidden, and then both Earneset and Natalia join Wyl in his travels, claiming that they need to stay hidden anyways while waiting for another chance to help the serfs who are still in poverty.

The next major event is Wyl running into Ushio, a young man who was from a far away land who ended up shipwrecked on Artolian soil after a storm when he was just a baby. An archimagus by the name of Lord Cennair took him in and raised him like a son. However, many years later Lord Cennair was murdered, and two of the three mages in the court: Rosea and Lieselotte were both suspects in the murder. Unable to figure out which one killed Cennair, the court banished both of them, even though they both claim their innocence. Ushio, only hearing of Rosea, believes that she was the one who killed Cennair, and is out for revenge. Rosea mean while, is delivering a letter to Prince Kristoff from Court Advisor Rouienbourg, who is trying to get the two princes to have peace. Wyl and Ushio end up saving Rosea from monsters. Upon hearing her name, Ushio tells Rosea to prepare for death for killing Cennair. Rosea quickly explains her side of that story, claiming that Lieselotte was the one behind the murder. Ushio mutters that he had never heard of that name before, and reluctantly leaves Rosea alive. Later one, Wyl and Ushio are attacked by monsters, when Rosea suddenly appears to help them, claiming she needed to settle the debt before delivering her letter. At the end of the battle, Lieselotte reveals herself to be the one in charge of the last wave of monsters, and is on a mission to destroy the letter Rosea is carrying. The two mages begin to argue about who killed Cennair again, leaving Ushio confused as to who to attack. Rosea attempts to walk away, but Lieselotte sets her on fire, burning the letter she was carrying. Thinking that Rosea is just about dead, Lieselotte begins to walk away, only for Rosea to struggle to her feet, and stab her in the back with a dagger. As they both lay dying, Rosea begs both Ushio and Wyl to forget about revenge. She explains that she stabbed Lieselotte out of hatred that she was trying to hide, and in the end her hatred destroyed her. Her plee caused Wyl to consider his own actions, while Ushio decides that he can no longer live with himself and asks Wyl to allow him to travel with him. Ailyth quietly reminds Wyl of his deal, and how he can’t back out of it.

In a later event, House Haughn, the strongest house in Artolia, has yet to side with a prince yet over the throne argument. Many people believe that the side they pick is the side that will gain the throne, and can’t help but wonder why they are taking so long. Wylfred is in a bar in the same city that House Haughn lives in, when a rather rich looking man walks in, claiming that the rumour circling about that Wylfred is the son of an einherjar is nothing but a grand lie. Wylfred shows him the plume, and the man quickly apologies, and introduces himself as Fauxnel. Fauxnel invites Wylfred over to his place to discuss business. Fauxnel explains that while the princes are arguing, he’s been put in charge of defending the immediate area from monsters, and needs help. In turn, he hires Wylfred to help him fight the monsters. After a few battles, Wylfred meets the head member of the House of Haughn, Valmur. Valmur himself is the brother of an einherjar. Valmur informs Fauxnel that his House is going to stay out of the conflict in an attempt to force the princes to come to a peaceful solution. As Valmur leaves, Wylfred decides that he wants to talk to Valmur, much to Fauxnel’s annoyance. As Wyl steps out into the courtyard, he can hear the sounds of battle: Valmur has been surrounded by monsters. Wylfred fights the monsters off, and finds Valmur barely clinging to life. Wyl rushes to the door on the other side of the courtyard to find help when he is stopped by Ailyth, who says the Valkyrie is already on her way down. Wyl turns around and watches the ghost of Valmur talk with the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie explains that Fauxnel has betrayed Valmur because he didn’t pick a side, and thus needs his house out of the way. She then gives Valmur the choice of either going with her, or staying behind as a ghost to haunt Fauxnel. Valmur decides he wants to be with his brother and leaves with the Valkyrie, who places a feather on Valmur’s body. Enraged, Wylfred storms into Fauxnel’s den, demanding an explanation. Fauxnel not only explains that he needs the war to occur so he can reclaim his house’s honour, but he also had Lord Cennair murdered so that the other two mages in the court would be banished. Fauxnel then summons monsters and attacks Wyl. Wyl defeats them and Fauxnel easily, and then surprises Fauxnel by offering to help him. When asked why, Wylfred explains that he knows that the damage is already done, and that there will be a war. In exchange for his help, he demands that Fauxnel makes the war end as quickly as possible, to which Fauxnel agrees.

In order to fulfill his end of the deal, Fauxnel takes Wylfred to Rouienbourg, claiming that as Wylfred is the son of an einherjar, he can change the tide of war like Valmur would have. Rouienbourg, not particularly believing Fauxnel, makes Wylfred prove himself by delivering a letter to each prince, battling monsters the whole way. Wylfred is successful, but war is still coming. Realizing there is only one thing he can do, Rouienbourg asking Wylfred for help in defeating both of the Princes’ armies, so that he can have the person third in line for the throne, Prince Joshua, take the throne so neither side of the war is able to punish the other side. Wylfred accepts. The two defeat and capture Prince Kristoff easily enough, but run into trouble battling against Langrey’s troops. Ailyth urges Wylfred to use the plume so that they may be successful. After much inner turmoil, Wylfred decides to plume Fauxnel, as part of the reason this war occurred was Fauxnel’s selfishness and backstabbing. Fauxnel easily blasts through the rest of Langrey’s troops and nearly kills Prince Langrey himself, but then collapses. Confused as to where all of his power is going, Fauxnel quietly dies in the background as Roueinbourg’s troops surround Langrey. Nobody notices the dark portal of the Netherealm appear around Fauxnel, claiming his soul. As Rouienbourg talks to Langrey, the Prince pulls out a dagger and stabs the adviser. The troops take Langrey away, and Wylfred tries to help Rouienbourg but he refuses, explaining that he was already dying due to illness. He would rather die by a dagger then illness. Joshua is declared King and he is able to prevent Crell Monferaigne and Villnore from dividing the country in two by aiding both sides of the war. Langrey commits suicide in prison, but his death is kept a secret from Kristoff.

It has finally been a year at this point in time. Ailyth brings Wylfred to an abandoned church, explaining that while he barely has enough sin, killing Fauxnel made it possible for him to get his revenge. The plume in Wyl’s hand changes into the Angel Slayer, and the Valkyrie comes down to try to talk sense into Wylfred. Wylfred refuses to listen, and instead he and his group of allies attack the Valkyrie and her army of minor einherjars. They are nearly ready to deal a deathblow to the Valkyrie when suddenly a much stronger einherjar jumps down from the sky to block Wylfred’s blow. Unlike the previous einherjar, this one is fully armored, complete with four floating shields surrounding him, clearly a very important einherjar. The einherjar removes his helmet to reveal himself as Thyodor, Wylfred’s farther. Thyodor begs Wylfred to stop, explaining that it was he who begged the Valkyrie to spare his life, so that Wyl may live on. Wylfred, too blinded by his rage at the Valkyrie, is offended that his father doesn’t appreciate all he has done in his name. Thyodor then states that if Wylfred won’t listen to reason, he’ll have no choice by to destroy him. Thyodor takes on Wylfred and his group, but ultimately falls once more in battle.

Now snapped out of his rage, a very confused Wylfred tries to figure out why on earth his father doesn’t want vengeance. Ailyth then steps in, smirking the entire time, reminding Wylfred that because he failed to kill the Valkyrie, he’s going to the netherealm. As the portal opens below Wylfred, he starts to scream in agony as he’s being sucked down below into the netherealm. His father suddenly lunges forwards, pushing Wylfred out of the circle and takes his son’s place. Thyodor begs Wyl to live for the future, and not the past before disappearing as he travels to the netherealm. Ailyth shrugs, saying that the contract only needs one soul, and that Thyodor’s soul will do. The Valkyrie demands that Ailyth give her back Thyodor, but Ailyth smugly reminds the Valkyrie that if she interferes with the netherealm’s actions, a war will break out. Taunting the Valkyrie, Ailyth vanishes into the night.

No longer searching for revenge for the moment, Wylfred asks the Valkyrie what he should do. The Valkyrie suggests that he follow his father’s last words, and then disappears. Stunned by all that has happened, and how he has condemned his father by trying to avenge him, Wylfred wanders into the woods once more. Ailyth appears in front of him once more, taunting Wylfred and his inability to do anything. Once again filled with rage, Wylfred is about to attack Ailyth when a portal suddenly sucks both of them away into the multiverse.


Wylfred and Ailyth had been just beginning to fight each other as they were pulled into the multiverse. Upon realizing the sudden change of location, they agreed to put aside their battle in an attempt to figure out where on earth they were. As it turned out, they had appeared in a corner of the the courtyard in the ruins of the Main Tower area. It was the start of a rather rough learning experience: not only did Wylfred mistake Sarah Kerrigan for a demon, but during the first few weeks he instinctively mistook various beings as demons. On top of this, Wylfred accidently damaged several apartments, causing him to become indebt to the Shy Guys. Also of importance during the first week, is that Wylfred and Ailyth managed to come to an agreement: Wylfred would venture into fields of combat as before, slowly gathering sin for the plume so that Ailyth may return to Nilfheim using it's power. In return, Ailyth would act like an actual maid; assisting Wylfred wherever possible and generally keeping their apartment clean. Another factor of this agreement was that Wylfred did not let on that Ailyth was a demon, though she had to provide her own cover story if it was ever questioned.

One of the first opponents Wylfred faced in the Crater Colosseum was a nobody named Larxene . Ailyth was knocked out of the match early in a somewhat humorour manner, walking away from the fight with a knife in her chest and throat, yet appearing to be perfectly fine. However, any amount of humorour was short lived when Larxene defeated Wylfred, and then began torturing him by jamming electic knives into his knees and frying him with electricity. Luckly for him, Ailyth was able to return quickly after being healed and chase Larxene away. However, what Larxene had done was more than enough to set off Wylfred's desire for vengence, even if he could not hunt her down for the moment.

As fate would have it, Wylfred would run into her much sooner than he realized. A short time after that event, Ailyth convinced Wylfred to sign up for a Valetine's Day Slugfest, hosted by the Finders. Many factionless fighters showed up, among them was Larxene. During the first round's free-for-all, Wylfred found Larxene among the other fighters just moments before becoming the second one knocked out of the fight. Rather bitter about his poor preformance, Wylfred only witnessed some of the remaining fights in the tournament. Key among the ones he witnessed however, was Larxene vs Roll. During this fight, Larxene unintentionally destroyed Roll. Maybe of the viewers, Wylfred included, believed it was intentional. He was the first to try to deliever justice to Larxene in a three sided brawl between those who wished to kill or defeat Larxene, those who wished to protect Larxene, and those who were trying to calm everyone down. As it so happened, Wylfred was also the first one defeated in the fight. Shizuru's attack had left him knocked out due to slamming his head against a rock and in need of medical attention. Aqua and Nanoha's efforts healed the immediate damage, Wylfred had to be carried to the Autobot base to finished being healed. When he awoke, the short lived conversation afterwards proved that it was only he and Jin that had been out to kill Larxene. The other members in the room favored the idea of capturing her and imprisoning her, and would later go on to form the Lunar Police.

Sometime after the events of the Slugfest, Ailyth revealed that she had had a talk with Larxene, and that the nobody had mentioned a place called Castle Oblivion. Grudgingly, Wylfred allowed Ailyth to drag him along to the castle so she could attempt to figure out more about Nobodies. Within the castle walls, Wylfred was attacked by moments from his past, as well as an image of the Valkyrie. Ultimately, he left Castle Oblivion even less confident about what to think when it came to his desire to slay the Valkyrie.

He would find his answer soon enough. Once again Ailyth dragged Wylfred out of the Tower, this time to the Sea of Moondust. Wylfred put his foot down, demanding to know where Ailyth was taking him, and she responded by requesting that he look at the Plume. Upon seeing it was glowing, Wylfred charged on ahead, spotting the Valkyrie he had attempted to kill before arriving in the multiverse. Rage initially overtook him, and he started to approach her with the intent of slaying her. However, he was halted by Lowen and Rebecca, who had just stumbled upon the recent arrival themselves. Meanwhile, Ailyth made sure to lead a curious Larxene away from the potential fight, determinded not to allow the Nobody the chance to learn more about Wylfred. This pause was enough to calm Wylfred down just enough to start asking questions of the Valkyrie. The answers he recieved, along with the promise to help Wylfred rescue his father if Wylfred helped the Valkyrie defeat Odin for banishing her, was enough to change Wylfred's mind about slaying the Valkyrie, and the resulting battle was a testing of strength and not a deathmatch. Lowen and Rebecca offered to bring both Lenneth (as the Valkyrie's name turned out to be), and Wylfred to Lord Eliwood.

While talking with Lord Eliwood at a bar and inn in the Tower, Ailyth returned in time to Wylfred's side to overhear the plan to take down Odin and free Asgard from his rule. Eager to make sure she was not left behind from the fight, Ailyth cut off Lowen's offer to let Lenneth stay with himself and Lord Eliwood's group with an offer of her own. Wylfred was thrown off guard, but ultimately agreed to the idea while wondering how he had managed to go from wishing to slay the Valkyrie, to allowing her to stay at his place in the space of a single day.

The next morning, Wylfred was awoken by the tail end of Ailyth's and Lenneth's conversation. He gathered that Ailyth had managed to convince Lenneth to allow her to aid in the attack on Asgard, but had been shoken up by the question of if she was more loyal to Lady Hel or Wylfred. Wylfred then struck up his own conversation with Lenneth, questioning many things. It was revealed that Ailyth was none other than the fabled Garm, right hand demon hound to Lady Hel, and that she may have been given to Wylfred as a way to prepare himself to lead a part of Lady Hel's army once his soul had been claimed by her. Wylfred openly questioned if he was savable, with Lenneth assuring him that he wasn't too far gone before reassuring him that they would defeat Odin, and then rescue Thyodor from Lady Hel's clutches.

After an eventful period of time that included attending a bar's new opening, and a rather awkward fight with Bayonetta in the men's locker room at the Crater Colosseum, Wylfred, Lenneth, and Lord Eliwood once again met to finalize their plans for the attack on Asgard, as well as introduce the man who could get them there, Ledah. The very next day, they set out to free Asgard from Odin's tyrany.

While battling their way through to Asgard itself, the group was confronted by the three Valkyries, with the Lenneth among them being a fake Lenneth. During the fight, Wylfred and Ailyth slew Hrist with Wylfred landing the actual killing blow. Even if it was the wrong Valkyrie, Wylfred had ultimately kept his word and slew one of the Battle Maidens. The fake Lenneth was taken down by the real Lenneth, and the last sister was talked down only to be slain by Odin. 

Inside Asgard, the ground took on Freya. While several of them were badly injured in the fight, there combined power was able to take her down, if only barely. Seeing how much they were struggling, Lenneth lead the group to the armoury, providing all except Ailyth with legendary weapons. Wylfred's weapon ended up being Valkyrie's Favor, a sword that would help to protect him until Lenneth had kept her promise to save Thyodor. It was also in the armoury that they discovered that Nilfheim's sword was missing.

As suspected, it was in Odin's possession. During the fight, Odin revealed Wylfred's past to the entire group and how it had shaped Midgard and Asgard. His actions had single handedly spiraled Midgard into darkness and forced Asgard to focus on gearing up for war. After a battle that nearly killed them, Odin was completely defeated and killed, leaving the group to form the Radiant Crusade and rule from Asgard with the goal of taking on the evil in the multiverse more directly. 

After the events in Asgard, Wylfred and Ailyth returned to Wylfred's appartment to grab a few things to bring back to Asgard. Upon entering, they found a note from Larxene attached to a present (it turned out to be coal) with her proclaiming that her deal with Ailyth was off and that she would happily harm Wylfred upon running into him again. The other note was an invitation from an "Arlene" to this year's Slugfest, mentioning that Larxene would most likely be there. As the Slugest was within a few days, both Wylfred and Ailyth decided to put moving to Asgard on hold in order to deal with Larxene. After signing up, Ailyth set her sights on exploring the tournament grounds in order to learn the various escape routes Larxene could take. Wylfred meanwhile, began wandering around aimlessly, still trying to sort thorugh in his mind everything that had happened in Asgard. Larxene made herself known to Wylfred, explaining that she had been tracking him for an hour. The two battled, with Larxene pretending that Wylfred had the upperhand, before turning the tables violently against him. It was at this point Ailyth arrived and attempted to defend Wylfred. However, she found that Larxene had grown too powerful, and that her own dark magics were effectively worthless against Larxene. Larxene decided to leave Wylfred well enough to fight in the Slugfest the next down however, though she couldn't resist taunting him when he finally got to the hotel that night.

During the first round of the Slugfest, Larxene was pulled out of the Free-For-All by the other Finders. This infuriated Wylfred and Nanoha in particular, with Jin and Pulseman trying to talk them out of attacking her regardless of the rules. Meanwhile in the stands, Ailyth began to manipulate the crowd into a frenzy, getting them to demand that Larxene be in the fight. In the aftermath that followed, Ailyth was more or less caught by the Lunar Police, Wylfred was knocked out, and the Finders all ended up fleeing and going their seperate ways.

While being questioned by the Lunar Police later on, Ailyth revealed as much as she knew about the Finders. She was able to accurately paint a picture that included the core members of the Finders and a likely location to find them at. 

Once back in Asgard, Wylfred began to feel the weight of Asgard on his shoulders, as if it didn't want him around. He revealed his past in more detail to the group, with them ultimately deciding to let him stay. He still never felt at ease within Asgard's walls. 

When Aqua began to offer how to teach magic, Wylfred took one of her classes. Later on during a private tutoring session the plume was knocked out of Wylfred's pockets. Aqua noticed its evil aura and forced Wylfred to explain his past to her.

Later on, he agreed to a special event battle in the Crater Coliseum. It turned out to be a trap from Deadpool, who easily overpowered him and kidnapped him. Lenneth, Ailyth, Eliwood, Nanoha, Saber, Naoto, and Sita began the task of trying to track him down, though Sita had been bribed with food to try to stall the group. The group tracked Wylfred to a large machine out in the middle of space, where Wylfred was being subjected to the horror of watching the gods of his world being used in a racing game.

Once Lenneth felt that the time was right and that they had enough strength with Nami added to their faction, she lead Wylfred and the others to Niflheim on a daring attempt to finally rescue Wylfred's father: Thyodor. They had to rely on Ailyth, as she was the only one who knew Niflheim.

Powers and Capabilities[]

Despite having no teacher, Wylfred has become quite the powerful swordsmen. Using a style all of his own, Wylfred focuses on crushing his foes with overwhelmingly powerful attacks, and is more than willing to take a hit to land a critical blow. To further this style of fighting, Wylfred wields not only his own blade, but his father's broadsword known as the Mourning Sword as well. For some attacks, Wylfred will use both swords at once, though most of the time he only uses one as he lacks the strength to continuously use both. Wylfred often leaps fairly long distances to close the gap between and his target, however its nothing outside what a human could normally do. Also of note, is that nearly all of his attacks are based on slashing the opponent to ribbons, not piercing them. Any other attacks are desperation attacks when the enemy gets too close to properly use his sword, such as using the handle of his blade to inflict serious damage.

The Plume is an item that Wylfred still caries with him, and it has maintained its ability to grant Wylfred's friends temporary increases of power before snuffing out their life. However, Wylfred has vowed to himself never to use the Plume again.

An untapped source of power that Wylfred himself is not aware of, is his capability to use magic. While he has spent all of his time and effort focusing on using the sword, in actuality he could wield magic spells as well as any mage, provided he found the right teacher. It is this hidden talent that allowed Wylfred to use the powers that the Plume granted him during his adventures. For now however, the only way Wylfred can use magic is if he uses an item that allows anyone to cast a spell, though Aqua has given him a small amount of insite in how he could harness his magic potential.

Follower: Ailyth/Garm[]

Ailyth fell into the multiverse at the exact same time as Wylfred; the portal into the multiverse sucked both of them in at the same moment during their fight. Unlike Wylfred, Ailyth was very quick up on exactly how much had changed as she was no longer able to sense her master, Lady Hel. As manipulative as ever, Ailyth was quick to passify Wylfred's desire to slay her enough that the two could figure out exactly where they were. Shortly afterwards, Ailyth was able to negotiate a longer lasting cease-fire, though she harbors no doubts about how willingly Wylfred would kill her if given a reason to do so, and has been threatened by him several times since their arrival to the multiverse. Despite this, Ailyth takes great pleasure in provoking Wylfred whenever possible, pushing him as far as she dares to safely to so. By the same token, Ailyth sees Wylfred as one of the few remaining things left to remind her of Lady Hel as well as her favorite "chew toy", and thus is highly protective of him.

The name and apperance of Ailyth in of themselves are disguises. In reality, "Ailyth" is non other than the legendary demon hound Garm. Garm was the first major demon created by Lady Hel after lesser demons such as imps, and thus is one of the oldest beings in the multiverse. However, due to the strain of switching between her human form and her huge demon hound form, Garm is not able to show her true self, and may never be able to do so again. She is content with maintaining her prim and proper (if somewhat mischievous at times) maid apperance of Ailyth for as long as it takes to regain her natural shape.


Ailyth, Garm's disguised form

Even without access to her true form however, Ailyth is not without a wide range of abilities. All of her maid tools serve a double purpose as weapons of combat and can be summoned at will. Nearly all kinds of dark magic are just outside of her reach for the time being, but would be easily reclaimable for Ailyth. Most important to Ailyth however, are her abilities to shapeshift and manipulate people. While her shapeshifting is limited to humanoid forms (wings being the most she can add ontop of a human frame), her potential ability to manipulate people is nearly unlimited. Ailyth is easily able to sense the emotions of others, even the well hidden emotions, and is able to see images going through the mind that project those emotions into the being with a high amount of accuracy. While she is not currently able to perfectly read minds, she can come rather close to doing so, and is able to use what she sees and senses to manipulate others to do her bidding.

For the moment, nobody knows exactly what Ailyth is planning. Besides staying with Wylfred and the fledgling faction that is forming around him, Ailyth is making friends of her own. How they will play into her plans in the future is a mystery to all but the demon hound herself.

Follower: Lenneth Valkyrie[]

The leader of Asgard and the one Wylfred had harboured hate for most of his life. It was not until the multiverse that Wylfred was finally able to set aside his long standing grudge against the Valkyrie.

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After receiving add in defeating Odin, Lenneth now leads the Radiant Crusade in Asgard. Among her goals is trying to aid Wylfred further down the correct path and away from Ailyth's designs. Believes that Wylfred can be saved from his deal with Lady Hel and promised to rescue Wylfred's father from Lady Hel's clutches.

In battle, Lenneth is skilled with the sword, spear, and bow. As the Valkyrie, she can command and summon Einherjar to her side. While she does not actively seek to kill foes unless they are undead or demons, Lenneth has no qualms about killing somebody who leaves no other realistic option, and enjoys fighting to some extent.

As she is now in charge of Asgard, she may have access to some of Freya's power of creation. How much of it she can access, and how much she is willing to use, is unknown.


"Only if we're using your body as a shield." - In response to Ailyth first asking if she could help defeat Odin.


-Due to some amount confusion as to which ending in Convenant of the Plume was the true ending, the RPer of Wylfred decided to go mostly down the A Path in Wylfred's history, but switch over to the B Path ending at the last possible moment. This also allowed the RPer to retain Ailyth as a follower.

-Wylfred was the first human the RPer has RPed on CRRP. The previous ones have either been from the Sonic Universe, a robot of some kind, or a net navi.

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