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(Intelligence damping sphere)

"right well. I'm going to have to hack the door open."
Vital Statistics
Title(s) The intelligence damping sphere
Gender Male
Race Personality core
Faction None
Relatives Chell,other test subjects.
Alignment +2
Level 1
Status Active

The intelligence damping sphere more commonly known as Wheatley is among the biggest additions to Portal 2, the full sequel to the critically-acclaimed bonus game included in Valve's Orange Box, Portal. He is a robotic AI known as a personality core who generally accompanies Chell, the player character, as she tries to escape the wrath of the rogue AI GLaDOS, a primary antagonist for both games. Wheatley is known for his unintended humor and tendency to completely fail at that which he tries.

Wheatley's player is relatively new, having joined in December of 2010, and picked the character up as his first alt in 2011.


As an Intelligence Dampening Core, Wheatley was originally designed to feed GLaDOS a string of stupid ideas. This was an attempt made by both robots' creators to slow GLaDOS' development down, as "she" often malfunctioned and went rogue within ten seconds of activation. This ultimately failed, as GLaDOS' use of Wheatley's stupid ideas did more damage than her own smart ones, and she eventually found a way to ignore his ramblings anyway.

Wheatley was then thrown aside and forgotten. When GLaDOS destroyed the bulk of Aperture Facilities he took it upon himself to become the caretaker of the humans in stasis. He went through rows of stasis chambers waking people up and guiding them through the facility, using them to escape GLaDOS and the deserted laboratories. Each attempt failed until he finally awoke Chell from her slumber thousands of years after her destroying of GLaDOS.

Wheatley directed Chell to find the Portal Gun in the ruins of the facility but, in the process of escaping, reactivated GLaDOS' systems. She nearly killed Wheatley, but he managed to escape by playing dead. While GLaDOS resumed her testing Chell, he planned an escape and broke Chell out during one of her experiments. Together they managed to replace the Turret Production Factory's template with a malfunctioning turret, leaving most of the facility's turrets defenseless. They then destroyed the supply of neurotoxin, GLaDOS' only other weapon.

Their efforts left GLaDOS completely unprotected when they finally confronted her. The presence of a personality core, Wheatley, prompted a process by which the personality controlling the GLaDOS mainframe could be replaced and Wheatley took complete control of the facilities.

Instead of immediately using his control to escape, Wheatley reveled in the power and massive size the mainframe gave him. When GLaDOS remembered his voice as the one that fed her stupid ideas, Wheatley was furious, and the GLaDOS mainframe's way of corrupting its core only made the situation worse. Wheatley turned GLaDOS into a potato battery and sent her and Chell to the toxic remains of Cave Johnson's original Aperture Science, effectively becoming the game's primary antagonist.

As Chell and GLaDOS made their way back into the laboratories, they noticed that aperture used to have a lot of money.

When they make it back Wheatley,now WheatDOS has made the frankenrurret. Two turrets in a broken cube. because the player can see on the inside, Wheatley has written "Wheatley laboratories" instead of "Aperture laboratories". Wheatley also renamed the whole lab Wheatley laboratories instead of Aperture laboratories. 


Formerly a relaxation centre Test subject caretaker

Formerly the central AI.

Designed to crud out GLaDOS's brain with stupid ideas.

Powers and Capabilities(spoiler alert)[]

Management rail compatible.

Trying to kill chell with bombs at the end of the game.


Being an intelligence damping sphere


I'm a bloody genius now! (Speaks Spanish) I don't even know what I just said but I can find out! Oh. Right. The escape lift. I'll pull it down. There. Lift pulled.

Bam! Secret panel! Got it open. Well your back was turned.

For God's sake! You'r boxes! With legs! It's- yeah it's literally your only purpose! Walking onto buttons! how can you not do the one thing your designed for!?

I. Am. NOT. A. Moron! 

Actually... do we have to go right now?.. Do you know how this feels? I did this. Tiny little Wheatley did this.


When he was on the central core body he was referred to as "WheatDOS".

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