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Traversing the Temples
Vital statistics
Participants Sabrina, others.
Date Ongoing
Location Hyrule

An ongoing player run story-line involving Sabrina and her quest to tap into the power of the Sacred Real of Hyrule, and the allies and enemies she makes along the way. Recently, Sabrina has laid the foundations for an alliance with the Lords of Midnight in hope that Ganondorf can assist her in her goals.

The Forest Temple (2011)[]

Sabrina's introduction to the Multiverse, she found herself in the Forest Temple in Hyrule. Her exit was blocked and so she ventured deeper into the Temple, along the way discovering the Forest Sage, Saria and the phenomenal power housed within the Temple and the Sacred Realm. Though she was expelled from the Temple before her research could be completed she had her first taste of the Power that was the Sacred Realm.

The Water Temple (2012)[]

After forming an alliance with the amphibious humanoid, Fizz, Sabrina and her newest companion journeyed to Hyrule's Water Temple in hope of discovering more of the Sacred Realm's power, and perhaps harness some of it. The two were challenged by pirates, creatures, however they pushed through and Sabrina took in a great deal of the Realms power.

Castle Town, Kakariko Village and Death Mountain (2012)[]

After her success in the Water Temple, Sabrina began to focus her studies on the best way to penetrate the Fire Temple. Resting in the heart of the volcano, Death Mountain, the Fire Temple seemed impossible to reach. During her studies she encountered a fellow psychic, Sarah Kerrigan. Together they journeyed to the top of Death Mountain, where they discovered a malevolent, spiritual force engulfing the mountain. With Kerrigan's good word, Sabrina was taken for an audience with the Lords of Midnight to present their findings.

The Beginnings of an Alliance (2012/2013)[]

Sabrina's encounter with the King of Hyrule went well and Sabrina was assigned a mission: enter the Forest Temple once more, and this time harness the power of the Sacred Realm, binding the Forest Sage while she was there.

Return to the Forest (2013)[]

Sabrina has returned to the Forest Temple, alone.


Several other Player Character's have expressed interest in taking part in this Arc. Sabrina will likely have a companion for her journey into the Fire, Shadow and Spirit Temples.

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