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Tower's Gate
Tower's Gate image
The Grey Side of the Moon
The remains of Towers Gate
Basic Information
Type City, Cultural, Travel and Economic Hub
Location The Moon
Tech Tier Unknown
Magic Class Unknown
Controlled by None

Tower's Gate was a large fortress located on the equator of the Moon. It was a haven for those who sought to be part of lunar and multiversal life but could not find complete allegiance with the heroes or villains. It was also the first location in the multiverse to sport a full-fledges Shy Guy Shuttleport, and was used as a base of operations for a Mercenary Agency and the Shy Guys themselves.


Tower's Gate was originally built by wayward travellers and civilians that could not make the journey to the Sanctuary of Light or the Bastion of Darkness, but after the Shy Guys began to take over building operations, it soon blossomed into a city in its own right. It soon became a haven for those that wanted to stay out of the battle between the heroes and villains, but it could only remain neutral for so long. It was attacked and destroyed by the villains in a large-scale conflict during the end of the God Wars, and then was leveled by the Refreshing Wave.

Now not much more than catacombs, it lays underneath the foundations of its successor, the Tower of Twilight.

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