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A newly formed villainous faction in the Multiverse, The Steel Claw are a group of robots or machine-like beings that seek to further synthetic goals and rights across it - by any means necessary. A good portion of its ranks are made up of relative newcomers to the multiverse, and time will tell whether this is a boon or a flaw.

Faction History[]

The Steel Claw's beginnings are not shrouded in mystery, or anything fabled, like other Factions might claim. It simply started when the three founding members - Metal Sonic, Harbinger and Soundwave - met by chance, and after some (slightly heated, at first) discussion, agreed to form an alliance to assist their mutual goals.

Multiverse Involvement[]

Thus far, The Steel Claw have had little effect on the Multiverse at large. Recently, however, mysterious, threatening messages supposedly written by them have appeared all around the Tower of Twilight, while an equally vague website has popped up on the CHOMPnet.


The Steel Claw makes their headquarters in a rather unique place- One of their founding members. Taking advantage of Harbinger's massive size, mobility, and innate defenses, the Steel Claw has set up their operations inside of the Reaper. Work is continually done to build Steel Claw systems that can interface with Reaper technology and provide benefits to Steel Claw members.

Members and Roles[]

Metal Sonic - Function: Ground Combat Expert, Aerial Combat Expert, Diplomacy

Soundwave - Function: Communications Officer, Data Management, Espionage, Combat Support

Harbinger - Function: Headquarters, FTL Transport, Orbital Assault, Collector Management

Zero - Function: Special Operations, Crowd Control, Assassin


The Steel Claw currently holds no territories. While plans have been drawn up, many are too wary of the exposure such a takeover could bring.

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