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The Sandbox
The Story dome allows free form RPing
Virtual Coliseum allows free form stat fighting
Basic Information
Type Outside of Main Roleplay
Location Outside of the Main Roleplay
Tech Tier Any
Magic Class Any
Controlled by N/A

The Sandbox is a board function that allows players to play around with characters, concepts, and statisical testing they would otherwise not be able to on the board proper.


The Sandbox was suggested by Subject Delta on Febuary 10th, 2012. On March 5th the same year, the Sandbox appeared in Patch 5.1. The Sandbox is more or less an official replacement for the Free RPing often done in Seventh Heaven - now that the management has changed, it seems inappropriate for that location.

Multiverse Timeline[]

Created on March 5th, 2012


Story Dome[]

This forum is for free-form RP; members may create their own settings and scenarios in order to test out their RPing. Members may also play characters other than those they possess, whether it be to test out a potential switch, or a new followers. Note that general RP etiquette rules still apply.

Virtual Collesseum[]

A free-play area for testing out different stat-based scenarios, be they one-on-one or multi-army fights. Players may battle one another with agreed-upon rules, or run their own simulations to learn more about the system.


Anyone and everyone.

Notable Figures[]

See above.


Any you can imagine.

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Story Dome

Virtual Coliseum

Patch 5.1

A sandbox coliseum. (Initial Suggestion Thread)