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The Rift
Welcome to Hell The Rift
Basic Information
Type Spacial Abnormality
Location N/A
Tech Tier Unknown
Magic Class Unknown
Controlled by N/A

The Rift is a hellish, fear ridden, nice little start for all new characters. We promise that you'll be out within a reasonable amount of time. It also introduces you to the basics of questing. Has now been replaced by Ingresso. The Rift became fully obsolete on January 20th, 2011 as part of Rules Refresh 4.0.


The Rift was the newbie area. Upon creating a new character, that character found him or herself in the Rift and had to fight their way through it to gain access to the main Multiverse. In doing so, they and their player were introduced to game mechanics, posting techniques and customs, and learned to make posts with the quality required. This ensured that all posters understood the gameplay and how to best RP their character. This is called the Rift Quest, and consisted of back-and-forth posting between the character and the mod chosen to moderate their Quest. It began with the character being drawn into the Rift, in some way or another, and ended with them leaving it. All characters entered and left in different ways. After arriving, they were generally introduced to a monster, which often gave them some advice before attacking them in a stat battle. An RP battle sometimes also occured if the mod so wished. Afterwards, a boss battle occured, after which they were transported to the main Multiverse with new weapons or armor.


The Rift is composed of seven territories, each based off of a different series and with their own set of characteristics and monsters.

  • Donut Island was the Mario-based territory. It had most of the qualities one would expect from that series, including very small cliffs leading down to other very small cliffs, and floating boxes with question marks on them. There awere villages filled with happy mushroom people, but there were also remnants of Bowser's army, including Koopas, Goombas, Spikeys, and Moles, as well as the occasional Rex or Boo.
  • Kokiri Forest was the Legend of Zelda-based territory. Filled so thickly with trees that sunlight is an endangered species,the quickest method of travel was hollow logs, this mysterious and gloomy place hid a temple and the Great Deku Tree at its center. To get there, though, you would first have to get through the forest twisted by Ganondorf's magic, and past the Kokiri elves, Skull Kids, Deku Scrubs, Moblins, Poes, and Stalfos.
  • Green Hills Zone was the Sonic the Hedgehog-based territory. Though its green, lush hills and hidden waterfalls seemed to come straight out of the faerie fantasy genre, this place was filled with evil robots of Dr. Robotnik's army, such as Beetons, Rhinotanks, Coconuts, Crabmeat, Motobugs, Metal Fish, and other poor animals made into robotic servants.
  • Destiny Islands was the Kingdom Hearts-based territory. Composed of a chain of islands, this territory seems to be every child's dream playground. Rope ladders and literal junglegyms are everywhere. However, the longer you spent on these islands the more you would discover the darkness at its core. Bands of Heartless roam the surface, and whole areas can simply collapse by being consumed by the Darkness.
  • Trabia Garden was the Final Fantasy-based territory. A beautiful garden paradise located in the Arctic, this place was devoted to training soldiers. After its destruction, it was rebuilt, and was last composed of a central lobby surrounded by jungles that seem to come out of Jurassic Park, complete with sparking machinery. This means it was filled with all sorts of monsters whose sole purpose is to attack you and die. Unfortunately, after an invasion of zombies there were also zombies to attack. Don't let them infect you!
  • Myth Drannor was the Forgotten Realms-based territory. In ruins after the demon war, this eerie place was filled with the echoes of ancient spells, warping reality. Among the ancient trees can be found the ruins of palaces and old, medieval-style buildings, and even hidden treasure. Goblins, demons, and drow rule this area.
  • Tatooine was the Starwars-based territory. The environment itself was dangerous, a dusty, sandy, hot wasteland that can choke you or boil you alive. Crumbling villages lay in heaps, the only source of shelter - and dubiable, at that - on the entire planet. Tuskans, Rancors, Krayt Dragons, Rogue Jawas and their droids, and Womp Rats made up the majority of the horde that swarms over the planet.

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