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The Infected
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The Infected
Vital Statistics
Title(s) The Multiversal Horde
Gender Both Male and Female, also Genderless
Race Various/Undead
Faction The Infected
Relatives Unknown/Living or Deceased relatives of infected citizens
Alignment Various, mostly Lawful or Chaotic Evil
Level Various
Status Eradicated

The Infected were a vast horde of undead who invaded the multiverse. The infection seemed to be both biological and magical, able to infect organic flora, fauna, and even non-organics. Any being in the multiverse who was bitten or slain by the Infected was suseptible to becoming one of the Infected as well. Unlike most zombie hordes, the Infected actually possesed a command structure, and intelligent leaders.


No one knows where the Infected came from. All the Multiverse knew is that they were numerous, deadly, and nigh unstoppable at first. They were later found out to be from one of the many alternate planes and warped domains beyond the Wormhole.


The Infected first appeared during the finals of the Shy Guy Tournament. They overwhelmed the arenas the finals were being conducted in, and forced the finalists to fight their way out. The Infected crashed manned ships onto the Tower of Twilight and overran it. They also landed and invaded several worlds, with various degrees of success. The infected hoard also has three generals - Mind, Body and Spirit. Their leader, and the one who started the infected hoard, is Nurgle.

The infected were eventually routed from the Tower after a strike force was sent in. THe members of the group were Zack Fair, Paula, Michael Wilson, Typhlosion, Snake, and Sonic. Upon landing, the group was cut off from support due to Spirit's influence, and forced through trials. All but Snake made it through and proceeded to the main tower, where Spirit was. The battle ended with Spirit defeated. However, he gave up the name of his master, Nurgle, and where he was based, hoping to make sure he fell too since, as he said, 'misery loves company'.

Successful Takeovers[]

The Infected took over the following places:

Mario Universe

Sonic Universe

Forgotten Demons Universe

Deep Space Universe

Unsuccessful takeovers[]


Since the Infected attacked in huge numbers and took the multiverse completely by surprise, it took quite awhile to even understand them, let alone plan effective tactics. Once it was discovered that there were generals and leaders which were able to direct the horde, those leaders were targeted, and a cure was being developed. Once the main generals and the leader of the Infected were slain, the infection mysteriously died, and all Infected were either reverted to normal or disappeared entirely from the multiverse.

Notable Infected[]

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
  • Infected Leader
  • Infected Mage and Triceratops
  • Infected Dragon
  • Absurdly Buff
  • Infected Metal Sonic
  • Infected Sparrow


  • The Infected were able to infect all forms of life across the multiverse due to their demonic nature. Beings did not have to be sapient, or even organic, to be corrupted by the zombie virus.

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