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The Conglomerate is a neutral faction who strives to promote the Multiversal economy by providing a haven for business owners, big or small, to discuss and find protection from interlopers.

Or so it seems.

Currently the Member Companies are Marcus Munitions, Artemis Security Solutions, and Sorrow Industries.

The Conglomerate was founded on March 5, 2015.



The Conglomerate began to form when Marcus and Mephistopheles met on a plateau in the Sea of Moondust. The latter had given the former a letter offering to be a benefactor should Marcus help the devil perform a secret coup. Those plans have since been shelved.

Instead, Marcus took this as a business opportunity. He called his previous associate, Mordecai, and with him and Mephistopheles, gathered at the Faction Registration offices. There, after smoking a few cigars (to the chagrin of the Shy Guy attendant), the Conglomerate was born.


Marcus decided for the faction that the best place for them to gather was at his small shop near the Tower of Twilight. This shop had a large basement area behind a door with a cheeky "Employees Only" sign, which had been remodeled into the Forum.

Marcus continued preparing for the reemergence of Marcus Munitions, traveling and collecting stock.

Mordecai set up Artemis Security Solutions, a man-for-hire service specializing in security operations.

Mephistopheles did his own thing, (dinner).

During Marcus's travels, he met Ella Mellori, a mech pilot and engineer who needed a job. He offered her a place in the Conglomerate, pending interview, which she accepted and was admitted into Artemis Security Solutions.

Mephistopheles had dinner with General Esdeath, who also expressed interest.

The Conglomerate's eyes turned to profit.

The Forum[]

The Forum is a large atrium with six large alcoves extending away. The metal stepped spiral staircase ends in the middle of the main chamber. Directly across from the entrance is a Bounty Board where all the faction information is posted as well as jobs the faction members may take for pay. Member Company insignia are posted high on the walls. The coffers fill the alcove behind the board. The alcove directly across is an unused space that seems to be being purposed into a bar. Another alcove is all offices, while another seems to be being purposed into an apartment complex of sorts. Another is a large amphitheater. The last has no purpose at the present time.

Above is the shop. It is unassuming and dusty.


  • (Not really neutral. What a shocker.)