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Terra Stablilization
Terraarc copy
The Fate of Five Worlds
Vital statistics
Participants Various
Date March 2012; Year Six
Location Terra Cluster

Terra Stabilization is a board wide storyline that began at the end of March 2012 and ended in the middle of September 2012. The worlds that were introduced had been voted on by members of the board and made up the Terra Cluster.

Preceded by: Infected Arc

Proceeded by: Clone Arc

The Event[]

On a seemingly random day, the Moon released a vast amount of energy in what is being called a Lunar Flux; said energy was powerful and disruptive enough to the fabric of the multiverse to pull in five new worlds in a tight ring close to it. These worlds appeared much closer the Moon than what was safe, and the effects of the gravity from five planets combined with the unstable energy itself resulted in earthquakes and strange phenomenon across all five worlds and the Moon. If left untouched, these worlds would pull the Moon apart to likely disastrous results. There are unconfirmed reports that the Chain Chomps blame secret Shy Guy weapon-testing.

Those who went to the new worlds in order to help stabilize them were able to buy Shy Guy enough time to develop the technology to divert the disaster. A large dish emerged from the top of the Tower of Twilight and transported the Terra worlds to a much wider orbit around the Moon, stabilizing them in orbit. Despite the fact that the Shy Guys have declared this to be a testament to their dedication to peace within the multiverse, there are still many catastrophes that plague the worlds in the cluster. Worldwide war may be eminent in Patriot Earth, Zombies have become more dangerous and infectious in Infected Earth for unknown reasons, STAG has cracked down on minor crime such as littering in Steelport and even Liberty City on Gangster Earth, radiation storms are ravaging The Wasteland, and natural distasters have impacted many major cities in Pokémon World.

Since the stabilization of the Terra Worlds, a rift has opened up and transported the Pokémon World to a location closer to worlds such as Mobius and Station Square, thus becoming a part of what the Valorians call the Binary Cluster.


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