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The Strawhats are a former faction, who joined with the Forgotten Hunters due to their small size and disappearance of a leader. The faction strongly believed in both free will and sticking by one's nakama. The Strawhats came to be one of the most unique ragtag groups of the Multiverse. These pirates were a rather strong force before the refreshing wave, slowly fading away afterwards. Established by a rather enthusiastic pirate, the first people to get sighted were more or less forced on board.

Their primary location was in lake Hylia, however being a lake it was a poor location for a pirate ship. Now the ship has disappeared and sails forever on in our dreams.


Luffy, rather new to the multiverse, seeked companions to his crew in order to reunite with his old crewmates. After searching for a while, roughly ten minutes, he was able to form a crew of what became a powerful force in shaping the beginnings of the multiverse. Although not really here, nor there, this group of nakamas mainly focused on adventures, and just doing as they pleased. Not really obliged like other hero factions, this group loosely called themselves as such, and rarely took it upon themselves as a group to do more than necessary for the multiverse.


The Starwhats took over a handful of worlds on the old board. On the new board, they took over Lake Hylia again.

They where in a huge airship fight with the Neo Organization and lost severely, prompting their faction banner.


The formation of this group begun when the pirate Luffy searched for new nakamas. Picking only unique personas to join his crew, he became the leader of a rather strong force, but never abused it. Mostly up for adventures, looking for gold and glory, these pirates aren't exactly the devious devils you would think they were. The Strawhat Pirates' main objective was to find their own place in the multiverse, learning to live with one another and watch one another's backs.


  • Luffy (Captain)
  • Shinomori Aoshi (Ex-First Mate)
  • Drizzt Do'Urden (Quarter Mate)
  • Sanji (Chef)
  • Jiraiya (Fighter)
  • Kon (Comedian)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Scout)
  • Sasuke (Ninja)


  • The Strawhats were formed before the faction system came out.
  • Although, not exactly heroes, Strawhats have defended the multiverse and stepped into fights on many occasions.
  • Members of this group have been known to partake in random events.
  • Starwhats also refer to members of this faction who were banned for trying to takeover the board by deleting staff accounts.

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