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Basic Information
Type Territory
Location Sonic
Tech Tier Tier 5 - Future Technology
Magic Class Class 8 - Lingering Magic
Controlled by Celestial Garden

Soleanna is a world from the Sonic the Hedgehog series that was previously a territory that could be taken over in the Multiverse. During Pestiss' Refreshing Wave, it was removed from the board. It has since been made into the headquarters for the Altruistic Valorians. The Valorians transferred this status to Space Colony ARK, ostensibly to protect the citizens from any attacks on the faction from their enemies. It has since been returned to a territory, and so can once more be taken over.


Eggman attacked this area during its festival of the sun. Hedgehogs ran around kissing human princesses.

Then none of these events ever happened.

Multiversal Timeline[]

disappeared from the Multiverse with Pestiss' Refreshing Wave. It saw a lot of activity as the headquarters for the Altrustic Valorians. It has been reinstated as a territory thanks to the Valorians moving their HQ.


Inhabited Areas[]

Solleana City: The capital, and possibly only, city of the kingdom, it is home to a wide, picturesque view of the waterfront, a calm residential area with elegant architecture, and a more urban section for business. Transportation throughout the city can be found on gondolas, giant eagles, and magic mirrors capable of teleporting anyone to set locations around the country.

Questable Locations[]

Old Solleana Castle - The former home of the royal family before they relocated for reasons unknown, this ancient castle is in a state of disrepair, not to mention largely flooded. Stable ground is a rarity here, and some of Robotnik's machines have also been sighted in the area. Not an area for just any treasure hunter to go waltzing into.

Aquatic Base - Surprisingly enough, NOT one of Robotnik's hideaways, but a facility made by a team of Solleana's top scientists for their most important projects. Everything done within was under extreme secrecy, but there is some evidence left behind here and there...beware, though; the place was a death trap even before the infamous scientist moved in.


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