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HeartGold SoulSilver Silver
Silver as he appears in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Vital Statistics
Title(s) Gen II Rival
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction None
Relatives Giovanni (Father, abandoned Silver at a young age)
Alignment -1
Level 1
Status Switched

Silver, also known as Kamon to some Pokemon fans, was the rival of the second generation Pokemon games (Gold, Silver and Crystal).

Silver has been RPed by one person who has used him twice. Currently no one RPs as Silver



Silver had little interaction with most other characters. However, he did have several encounters with other pokemon trainers. Most notably Red, the Kanto champion who was directly responsible for Silver's abandonment, and Crystal, his rival.

Powers and Capabilities[]

Silver's battle strategy revolves around his pokemon. His pokemon do most of the fighting for him while he nimbly evades any attack that may aim for him. Currently his only pokemon is a Sneasel, which fights by evading damage with its impressive agility and tearing the foe apart with it's sharp claws and icy attacks.


  • "Enjoy your victory, because next time we battle I will beat you."- Silver to Crystal after barely losing a battle to her.


  • Silver was one of the first pokemon trainers to enter the multiverse.
  • Despite their rivalry, Silver seems to be on much friendlier terms with Kris/Crystal. The two were actually dating at one point.
  • Silver was the first character who was switched out after they were added to to the Celestial Refresh Wiki.

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