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The main plaza of Rogueport
Basic Information
Type Territory
Location N/A
Tech Tier Tier 6 - Modern Technology
Magic Class Class 7 - Bare Magic
Controlled by N/A

Rogueport is the first area Mario enters in Paper Mario TTYD, and acts as the main area for the entire game.


Rogueport is an area of scum and thievery, which Mario enters to begin his second paper adventure. It acts as sort of a base of operations as Mario tries to figure out what happened to Princess Peach, and of course, rescue her. Eventually, Mario decides to help gather the Crystal Stars as well as look for Peach, and uses the various mode of transportation in Rogueport to recover the stars. The star open a gate, called the Thousand Year Door, beneath the city, and is rumored to have hordes of treasure in it. As Mario reopens the gate with all of the crystal stars, it is quickly realized that it is not hiding a ton of treasure. Exploring and fighting his way through the Shadow Palace that was sealed behind the door, Mario eventually catches up to Peach and her capturers, the X Nauts. Defeating their leader, Grodus (and Bowser, who accidentally saved Mario by crushing him) Mario learns the truth behind why Grodus kidnapped Peach- she's required to revive the Shadow Queen! After fighting multiple forms of the Shadow Queen with his partners, Mario eventually saves Rogueport the world, and Peach from the Shadow Queen's clutches.

Multiversal Timeline[]

During its stay in the multiverse, Mario tried to claim the area to make sure it did not fall into the hands of evil. The result of this excursion is unknown, and Rogueport disappered from the Multiverse with Pestiss' Refreshing Wave.