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Rising Storm
Decepticons, Transform and RISE UP!
Vital statistics
Participants Optimus Prime, Nanoha Takamachi, Ventus, Hawke, Jin Kisaragi, Garrus Vakarian, Soundwave, Megatron (NPC), Michael Wilson, Pulseman, Zero, Bass, Roll, Rock Man, Setzer, Shanoa.
Date July 2011-October 2011
Location Tower of Twilight (all wings), Sea of Moondust (prequel PQ), The Nemisis (Decepticon flagship, prequel PQ)

Rising Storm was a special staff-run event where the Tower of Twilight in its entirety was attacked by the Decepticons from the Transformers series and their Vehicon allies.  The Tower had just been completely restored in the aftermath of various random attacks and disasters, so this attack was yet another blow against the fortress and its inhabitants.

Considering several key locations of the fortress - including both wings - were attacked all at once, the responding player characters were forced to split up.  Heroic and villainous characters alike had to join forces to bring down the Decepticon invaders.  

It is also notable as it is first of Moon's many emergancies and attacks to be answered officially by the Lunar Shield.

Preceded by: A bunch of player created storylines

Proceded by: Multiversal HospitalOperation Heavy Metal

The Event[]

A Decepticon-plotted-and-executed attack on the tower. Thanks to a combination of a small army of Vehicons, radiation from one of Shockwave's errant creations, Sunstorm, a monsterous decepticon combiner named Bruticus, and Megatron and his closest troops, the tower is inflicted a massive blow with damage, death, and lethal radiation.

The Results[]

  • The tower takes a mighty hit- parts become completely uninhabitable thanks to Sunstorm's radiation, a part of the Wing of Daybreak is completely wiped out thanks to Bruticus, the center of the main tower is in ruins, and the Wing of Nightfall is damaged during Soundwave's control of it.
  • Due to the damage and radiation, Roll comes up with an idea to create a multiversal hospital. The Lunar Shield and the Multiversal Garden, with Valorian help, work to make this happen.
  • Megatron is executed by Optimus Prime; Soundwave takes over leadership of the remaining Vehicons and Swindle. Starscream, Knock Out, and Breakdown manage to escape while the Combaticons (save Swindle) and Skywarp are all killed.
  • Sunstorm nearly destroys the tower due to an unstable nuclear generator- thanks to Zero combining Bass.EXE's and Pulseman's powers, this is barely averted.
  • Nanoha is impaled by a shard of Dark Energon and is nearly killed, while Pulseman nearly takes a fatal fall. Roll takes a few rockets and is nearly killed by Sunstorm. Jin is crippled while fighting Soundwave.
  • Shockwave took video of the majority of the fights using the Vehicon drones, and plans on incorporating several of the powers displayed into himself.