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Away from the hustle and bustle of the Tower of Twilight, but conveniently located in Midgar, close to Multiverse Garden is Recettear. As the name would suggest, the store is co-owned by Recette Lemongrass and Tear. The shop doesn't specialize in any particular type of item; however, they sell a variety of goods, in addition to offering a few services. Notably, a good portion of her items offer unique effects that are hard to find otherwise (most notably '1 EP for 2 Non-Elemental damage' equipment).

As Recette is a student at Multiverse Garden, and thus a member of the Celestial Guardians, members of the faction recieve a 20% discount on the purchase of normal items.

Items and Equipment[]

Offensive Bonuses[]



Shear Trigger A gunblade that's more powerful than Garden's standard issue. It's weaker than a normal sword... unless you pull the trigger at the right time. Grants +2 Non-Elemental damage for 1 EP.  {Weapon} 93c
MP Turbo Materia A piece of materia that's a bit harder to find than most. It allows the user to expend more MP in order to power up their attack. Grants +2 Non-Elemental damage for 1 EP. {Accessory} 93c
Data Visor A slim, stylish visor that grants the wearer the sort of quality HUD usually only found in bulkier power armor. In addition to providing them with useful information about ammo, health, and anything else you might need, it also aids them in finding the opponent's weakpoint. Grants +2 Non-Elemental damage for 1 EP. {Head} 93c
Carmilla Rounds Bullets designed to steal the vital force of its victims. Piercing techniques inflict [Vampiric Healing (3)]. 160c
Blood Knight's Pendant A small pendant with red, swordlike charm. It seems to cause the holder to revel in violence and battle. Slashing techniques inflict [Vampiric Healing (3)]. 160c

Technique Granting[]

Name Description Price
Rocket Glove

[Rocket Glove] The booster allows for punches far beyond what user is capable of. Very effective, hilariously dangerous. Grants the [Activate Booster] technique. {Weapon} (80c)

[Activate Booster]: The user activates the booster on the Rocket Glove, allowing them to punch with more force that they usually could. For those who are reckless enough to try this, this tech grants [Strengthen {Melee} (10)] to the user. Cannot be used on others. {No-Type} (8 EP)

Perfume Staff

Made of pleasant-smelling wood. Helps a magician to clear his mind. Also repels reptiles. Grants the [Serene Scent] technique. {Weapon} (80c)

[Serene Scent]: The user catches a whiff of their staff's scent, clearing their mind in the process. Grants [Strengthen {Spell} (10)] to the user. Cannot be used on others. {No-Type} (8 EP)

Hurricane Bow

Arrows fired from this call the wind and fly with it. People suspect it houses a wind spirit. Grants the [Call Upon Spirit] technique to the wielder. {Weapon} (80c)

[Call Upon Spirit]: The user calls upon the wind spirit housed in this bow to help their shots fly true. Grants [Strengthen {Ranged} (10)] to the user. Cannot be used on others. {Spell} (8 EP)

Shinra Assault Rifle Epsilon

[Shinra Assault Rifle Epsilon]: A new riffle design that was recently created and released by Shinra. By using the materia embedded in the system, the output of the riffle can be temporarily increased. Thus, this weapon grants the [Activate Materia] tech. (80c)

[Activate Materia]: The user activates the materia present in the riffle, temporarily providing a boost to the capabilities of the weapon. Grants [Strengthen {Ballistic}] to the user. Can not be used on others. {Spell} (8 EP)


Weapons of Adventure[]

Unlike most item shop owners, Recette has been known to go on wild adventurers rivaling those of her customers. Occassionally, on her more memorable trips, there will be something that inspires her, and gives her an idea for a weapon. While she can't make them herself, deals worked out with investors usually mean that she gets a discount on selling them, making her the go-to retailer. It takes twenty uses to unlock the first new technique, thirty more after that, and then forty if there is a fourth. Weapon-granted attacks do not cost against your normal technique limit.

Name Description Cost
Starless Stave

[Starless Stave]: An ebon black magic staff containing a small amount of powdered bone from the dread dracolich, Hollendrache. Guaranteed not to corrupt its wielder. The staff seems to contain a fraction of the power of Hollendrache himself. {Weapon}

[Dark Flame]: A magical, dark flame is sent hurling towards the target. Deals 10 Dark damage to a single target, and costs +1 Dp to dodge. {Spell} (10 EP)

[Hell's Breath]: Shoots a stream of fire at a target, in a manner reminiscent of a dragon's breath. Deals a total of 8 Fire damage and Burn(6) that can be split between 3 targets. {Spell} (19 EP)

[Comet of the Beast]: An unholy black fireball that corrupts and burns all it touches. Deals 8 Fire and 8 Dark damage to a row. Can be charged for a turn to deal 16 Fire and 16 Dark damage to a row. {Spell} (30 EP)



Name Description Cost
Trail Mix A bag of good quality trail mix, with plenty to share. Heals 2 soldiers for 5 HP. 10c
Jumbo Shroom Choco-Bar A candy bar made with the sort of Mushrooms found in the Dream Cluster. It's better than it sounds, and you'll likely spend quite some time eating it. Heals 5 HP. (4 uses) 40c
Lava Cookie A Lavaridge Town specialty! Grants Cleanse (1) to the user. 10c
Poptarts Contrary to popular belief, eating twenty of these won't make you a 'Secondary General' or whatever that means. It will, however, restores 10 HP and 10 EP. 30c


Name Description Cost
Cellphone Can receive and send data instantly, once a battle the owner of this can request help from another willing person who is nearby and also owns a datapad. If they agree they join the battle in two rounds. 5c
Frag Grenade While not particularly powerful, this grenade is cheap and easy to use. Just make sure to throw the grenade, and not the pin. Deals 10 fire damage to a target. 5c
Paper Charm A small charm that reduces incoming damage for a short time. It tends to get damaged rather quickly, though. Reduces all damage by 2 for three turns. (one use) 3c
Old Math Textbook An old Garden Math textbook that was sold off to Recettear after becoming too old to use in class. Still 'effective' though! And by effective, I mean 'likely to put your opponents to sleep'. It'll likely get hit in the crossfire or fall apart after use though. Inflicts Lull (10) onto a single target. One time use. 30c
Gazelle Bullets A full clip of special rounds that are designed to go farther than most shots. Your next attack can reach over a row. 10c
Attack Card [Attack Card]: Scribes an attack that you or your soldiers/party members know, onto a one use item. You do not lose the attack, it simply copies the attack to a one use item. The card applies the bonuses of the user, not the scriber. Using this attack cost the same EP as the attack it's copied from. Cannot be used in Quick Slots. The attack cannot be made up, and must be one you or one of your companions actually has. 10c


Multiverse Card Exchange Network

Simply put, it's a card shop. Recette adds a 10% commission cost to any card traded on the network. The shop notably cuts down the steps needed to make cards, since one can both make a card and sell it at the same place. Unlike most shops, techniques are listed rather than having cards premade.

Recettear Consignment Servies[]

An alternative to the Pawn Shop, Recette will sell any individual item you give her, and charge a commission. It's useful if you can think you can get a better price for an item than the Pawn Shop would usually offer; however, it's particularly good for getting rid of unwanted holiday items, particularly the often useful Christmas presents.

Recettear Special Orders[]

Even if it's not in inventory, Recette can usually get things at a cheaper rate than most people. This allows customers to take advantage of Recette's Item Discount ability by transfering the money to buy something with to her. She will then buy the item at a 10% discount, and keep 5% of the original cost, leaving the customer with a 5% discount as well.

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