Celestial Refresh Wiki
Name Push
Type Status
EP Cost 5

For X turns, one target is pulled up to the front row of their general's army and cannot move back for X amount of turns.

On Techniques[]

[Push (X)] is a Status, and as such requires one effect slot to have a stack of it on a technique. Each X costs 5 EP, if added in that way. It can be added as an inhibitor, lowering the EP cost of the technique by 3 for each instance of [Push] inflicted on the user.

Training Grounds Prices[]

Adding [Push (1)] to a tech costs:

  • 160c if the tech costs EP
  • 200c if the tech costs no EP

Increasing the effectiveness of an existing [Push] effect by 1 costs:

  • 80c if the tech costs EP
  • 100c if the tech costs no EP

On Abilities[]

The following abilities involve [Push]. Check the Abilities chapter for details.

  • Is 1/4 resistant to [Push] (1 Effect Slot)
  • Is (1) resistant to [Push] (1 Effect Slot)
  • May add [Push 1] to a technique for 5 EP once per round (2 Effect Slots)
  • Immunity to [Push] (4 Effect Slots)

On Equipment[]

The following equipment effects involve [Push].

  • Add [Push (1)] to a technique for 5 EP once per round. {160c}
  • [1/4] Resist to [Push] (100c)
  • [Resist Push (1)] {100c}
  • Immunity to [Push] {400c}
  • [Element] attacks inflict [Push 1] {400c} (5 Effect Slots)

The Push Affinity Shop is Seaside Lab.

Additional Rulings[]

  • [Push] has no effect if the opposing party has less than three members.
  • If rows are made equal via [Push], the character inflicted by [Push] remains in the back row while another moves to the front.
  • If multiple units are inflicted with [Push], as many as possible must remain in the back row, with the attacker choosing which.

See Also[]

  • Pull - The opposite effect.