Celestial Refresh Wiki
Name Paralyze
Type Status
EP Cost 10

No personal actions may be taken, and personal DP and LP cannot be used during the duration of the status. Actions may still be used to have followers act, and followers may utilize their own LP to have additional followers act. Can use a technique with a [Cleanse] effect or a cure item immediately after being afflicted to break out of Paralyze.

On Techniques[]

[Paralyze (X)] is a Status, and as such requires one effect slot to have a stack of it on a technique. Each X costs 10 EP, if added in that way. It can also be added as an inhibitor, reducing the cost of a technique by 8 EP for each instance of [Paralyze] inflicted on the user.

Training Grounds Prices[]

Adding [Paralyze (1)] to a tech costs 3 upgrades, as well as:

  • 520c if the tech costs EP
  • 620c if the tech costs no EP

Increasing the effectiveness of an existing [Paralyze] effect by 1 costs 3 upgrades, as well as:

  • 200c if the tech costs EP
  • 300c if the tech costs no EP

On Abilities[]

The following abilities involve [Paralyze]. Check the Abilities chapter for details.

  • Is 1/4 resistant to [Paralyze] (1 Effect Slot)
  • Is (1) resistant to [Paralyze] (1 Effect Slot)
  • May add [Paralyze 1] to a technique for 10 EP once per round (2 Effect Slots)
  • Immunity to [Paralyze] (4 Effect Slots)

On Equipment[]

The following equipment effects involve [Paralyze].

  • Add [Paralyze (1)] to a technique for 10 EP once per round. {200c} (1 Effect Slot)
  • [Resist Paralyze (1)] {260c} (1 Effect Slot)
  • Resistance to [Paralyze] 1/4 {130c} (Max 3; 1 Effect Slot)
  • Immunity to [Paralyze] {520c} (1 Effect Slot)
  • [Element] attacks inflict [Paralyze 1] {800c} (10 Effect Slots)

The Paralyze Affinity Shop is Coruscant Bazaar

Additional Rulings[]

  • On the same turn that you're inflicted with [Paralyze], you may use a [Cleanse] technique or item to break out of the status.
  • [Paralyze] cannot stack with [Silence], [Charm], [Lull], or [Slow] on a General or Quest Monster. It can do so on other units.
  • [Paralyze] cannot be inflicted on the turn a unit recovers from [Silence], [Charm], [Lull], [Slow], or [Paralyze].
  • A character cannot escape from battle if they are inflicted with [Paralyze].
  • A character can escape from an opponent who is inflicted with [Paralyze] without paying the DP cost.