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Operation Heavy Metal
Synthetics are people, too.
Vital statistics
Participants The Steel Claw, Terra, Shanoa, Legion, Shadow, various others.
Date Summer 2012 - Spring 2013
Location Tower of Twilight

Operation Heavy Metal was one of the very first public actions taken by The Steel Claw faction.  Although the event occured in the Tower of Twilight, which is the location of many other notable multiverse events, Operation Heavy Metal is significant in that it is the first time a real public protest and riot was created in the fortress by player characters, and is also one of the first missions in the multiverse planned and orchestrated by a team comprised only of synthetics used by player characters.

Preceded by: Rising Storm

Proceded by: Terra Stabilization

The Event[]

The mission was divided into three prongs - a diversionary surge in the residential quarter of the Tower by Reaper forces under the command of Harbinger and Zero; a mass protest for the rights of sentient synthetics engineered by Metal Sonic; and another... more secretive mission commenced by Soundwave.


Metal Sonic's protest was soon joined by Viewtiful Joe, Shadow the Hedgehog, Mima, Recette Lemongrass's companion Arma, and a few others. Debate and argument was soon interrupted by soldiers wearing Lunar Shield outfits attacking the protest, and they were quickly united against by all others there. The ultimate resolution of the conflict is unknown.

Legion, E-123 Omega, and soon Terra and Shanoa all arrived to stop Zero and Harbinger's attack. Most of Harbinger's forces were eliminated and Zero was forced to retreat, but the distraction proved worthwhile nonetheless. Despite initial opposition from Sigma and Erika - the former eventually chose to forge a temporary alliance, the latter critically wounded - Soundwave was able to gain unrestricted access to the Shy Guy Multiversal Information Network data hub, not only obtaining a vast amount of information but inserting viruses that would continue to keep his own database up to date.

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