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The Netherrealm
The Afterlife
A portion of the netherrealm in its default nature.
Basic Information
Type Territory
Location Netherrealm
Tech Tier Varies Depending on Illusions
Magic Class Class 1 - Only Magic
Controlled by N/A

The Netherrealm is where the souls of the dead are sent on either a permanent basis, or to await their return to the multiverse.


When worlds merged into the Multiverse, several differant universes' versions of the Netherrealm merged to create the multiversial Netherrealm. Despite their differences, these afterlives co-existed for a time. However, largely due to the effects of the Refreshing Wave, the netherrealms merged together more and more until they became an entirely unique realm of existence, in between life and death. The multiverse's Netherrealm, on its own, has no aspects of any of these afterlives. It is a large, featureless plane as far as the eye can see. However, it shifts and contorts itself to any soul wandering out into it to challenge them. Anything from a simple rock to a complex sapient being can will itself into existence from nothing, often to challenge and test the soul in question. Those who pass the tests are the ones who can return to the multiverse- Those who do not are eventually sent back to their universe's own afterlife. The Netherrealm makes no distinction between the just and the unjust in its tests and trials. One of pure heart who has done nothing but good in his life can fail his test, just as easily as one who has lived nothing but a life of wickedness can pass his.

Multiverse Timeline[]


The only permanent structure in the Netherrealm is the Pandemonium Fortress. The structure is kept in place only by a group of souls- Angels, demons, and anything in between, who keep the Fortress in existence through sheer force of will. Its only purpose is to provide a place of rest for weary souls; Within its walls, no conflict is permitted or possible, and as long as the structure exists no other manifestations can form within it. It is unwise for a soul to spend all their time here, however, as resting in the Fortress means one can not complete their test.


The souls of the multiverse's dead can be found in the Netherrealm, each at their own point in their own journies. In addition to these, the Netherrealm often conjures entities to confront the departed, and it is not unheard for these to travel beyond to meet and interact with other souls.


The beasts, rogues, and ne'er do wells of the Netherrealm are entirely dependant on the souls populating it at any one time, and whatever qualities the Netherrealm is testing on them. Anything from bibical horrors to zombie lions, to echoes of one's own self have existed here and fougth with varying levels of ferocity.

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