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Relative map of the Multiverse, as drawn by Shy Guys.
Basic Information
Type N/A
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Tech Tier All
Magic Class All
Controlled by N/A

The Multiverse is many realities crashed together and layered. It is accessible through random rifts and wormholes. When someone enters the Multiverse, their powers are drained to a certain level, and they must work to become stronger, either by adventures or battling with other Player Characters.


No one is quite certain of the multiverse's beginning. A few years back, it began attacking realigies, grabbing both apparently random people and entire worlds. New arrivals quickly organized themselves into two groups, the good and the bad. These two groups began to fight each other, and so the Multiverse became a battlefield.

At some point, the multiverse reset itself in an event called The Refresh. This huge wave of energy destroyed most of the major buildings on the Moon, effectively destroying the economy and structure of the entire multiverse. Into the gap came the Shy Guys, who quickly took over the Moon's resources. They instituted a universal - or rather, multiversal - currency, which was accepted along with all the rest at any of their stores. As an economic stimulus, they set up a bank, which gave back a small percentage of the huge amount of money they were making by indirectly extorting the monsters of the multiverse via the adventurers.

It was then attacked by the zombies, who took over many territories and destroyed much of the effort that had gone into the order of the multiverse. Fortunately, they were subsequently destroyed, and the multiverse enjoyed a period of rebuilding and relative peace.

Eventually, the Terra Cluster found its way into the multiverse, but not without complications. Moonquakes damage the Tower of Twilight; moreover, catastrophes struck each world, and the timelines were damaged. Fortunately, the Shy Guys  were able to stabilize the worlds.


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