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Dark Angel Red
Vital Statistics
Title(s) His Imperial and Royal Highness
The Lord Archduke Mephistopheles
Baron of the Eighth Level of Hell (Cania)
Lord of Hellfire and Hellfrost
Lord of No Mercy
The Whispering Lord
The Cold Lord
Lover of Darkness
Prince of Promises
Gender Male
Race Archdevil
Faction Tempest Keep
Relatives -
Alignment -5
Level 5
Status Alive



  • Arrival
  • Allied with the Sorrow, Jon Irenicus, and Zexion.
  • Seized Lut Gholein.
  • Refreshing Wave came; shortly after, joined with the Cult of Kefka.
  • Participated minimally in Judge Arc; pissed all kinds of people off by pulling Big Bad away from danger.
  • Alongside Seifer, attacked one of Ascendancy's holdings (was a big flustercuck).
  • Departed Cult of Kefka alongside Zexion and several other members to found Legion with Zexion and Irenicus.
  • Legion.
  • Co-founded the Sin'dorei Council with Kael'Thas Sunstrider and Tabuu.
  • Retook Lut Gholein.
  • Departure of Kael'Thas Sunstrider.
  • Took control of the Sin'dorei Council.
  • Fell during the defense of Station Square.
  • Renamed the Sin'Dorei Council to Apex Tactical Contractors
  • Apex Tactical Contractors disbanded; all controlled territories gifted to the Altruistic Valorians

Powers and Capabilities[]

Mephistopheles is both extremely intelligent, and extremely powerful. He will attempt to confuse opponents, or dissuade them from fighting; on the rare occasion he is forced into a fight he believes he cannot win, he will attempt to strike a bargain of some kind. When you go up against the devil, you should be prepared for defeat.


  • "To accept will mean standing among some of the most powerful beings in these realms; to decline would be rather insulting. So what will it be?"
  • "I will take every realm you hold dominion over, and leave them nothing but smoldering ruins. I will leave you broken and powerless, with nothing to your name but the knowledge that you once ruled something that I wanted enough to take."
  • "All according to plan . . ."
  • "Personally, I like to play with the mouse before I eat it."


  • Mephistopheles is currently one of the only three level 5 Player Characters, thus making him one of the strongest Player Characters in the Multiverse.
  • He is also in command of several who are only slightly less powerful than him. The Archdevil makes a point of making connections.

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