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The Multiversal Association of Researchers and Scholars (M.A.R.S.) is a faction dedicated to advancing the welfare of people of the Multiverse. The faction aims to accomplish this by combining the various magical and technological advancements, along with advancing it themselves, and distributing the fruits of their labor among the Multiverse. As they are a new faction, they are relatively unknown; however, they are already starting to attract talented, albeit often unscrupulous, individuals.

Faction History[]

The foundation of the faction can be found in the tail end of the Clone Arc, where the Uber EtherealPascalSerina, and Mokou defeated Fade in Traverse Town , ending the clone attacks on the Multiverse that had brought trouble to everyone from the NCR to the Celestial Guardians.


What Some Faction Members Are Like

In the wake of this, Pascal gathered the Uber Ethereal and Serina. Showing them a suit of armor she'd constructed using elements of UNSC, Ethereal, Ivalician, and her own Ephinean technology, she made a proposal: band together to create a faction dedicated to the advancement of science and technology in the Multiverse.

Using the the old clone base, which had been refurbished by the Ethereal, the faction set up its operations after registering with the Chain Chomps, fearing that their pursuits might accidentally upset the Shy Guys by threatening their superiority.

Currently, its seeking to improve its numbers, and is granting tours to the various researchers of the Multiverse, among others.

Multiverse Involvement[]

Although M.A.R.S. is a new faction, it has had no impact under it's own name, the faction is often credited with the destruction of Fade and the end of the Clone Threat, as three of the four individuals responsible for the assault created the faction shortly after, and based their faction out of the recently liberated base.


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One of the many Labs

The Akashic Center, located in the old warehouse section of the first district of Traverse Town, is both the administrative and research headquarters for M.A.R.S. The central building (shown above) was originally a hidden base and laboratory facility constructed by the mysterious Fade to run his multiverse spanning organization. This structure and its facilities were captured intact by M.A.R.S.'s founders and repurposed shortly after for their own use.

The Akashic Center contains what arguably could be among the best laboratory facilities for both magical and scientific research in the Multiverse.

Members and Roles[]


Primary Members[]

  • Rubick
  • Qilby
  • The Medic

Secondary (Non-Stat) Members[]

Support Staff (NPCs)[]

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