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The Lunar Flotilla
A sign of things to come?
Refugee Ships that eventually became part of the Flotilla
Basic Information
Type Hub World
Location The Lunar Flotilla
Tech Tier Tier 2 - Integrated Technology
Magic Class -
Controlled by Shy Guys

The Lunar Flotilla is a vast collection of ships brought together by the Shy Guys and refugees. It serves as the new center of trade and information sharing. Holding low orbit over the moon, it is here that those who wish to combat the undead menace gather together before departing on their missions. Now that the undead have been eradicated from the multiverse, it now acts as another hub of the multiverse.


Although the Lunar Flotilla as we know it only came in to being in the wake of the Infected Invasion, the foundation of it goes as far back as the habitation of the Moon. In the same way that the Moon itself acts as a hub and magnet to attract people and materials from across the Multiverse, the space around the Moon attracts spacecraft and other jetsam and flotsam from many different universes.

This debris belt attracted little interest until the Infected Invasion created a sudden need to evacuate the Tower of Twilight and many other lunar locations. With to few portals and few other options, the Shy Guys and other citizens of the multiverse made use of whatever space worthy craft were available and began ferrying refugees into orbit. Unable to evacuate them all at once, hulks and other craft in orbit that had been ignored for years were reclaimed to house and support the evacuees.

As the Invasion continued to spread to other worlds, more and more refugees fled their home worlds and settled on the increasingly well built Flotilla. While the heroes and other great leaders of the Multiverse met on board to plan for the liberation the planets and destruction of the Infected, many of the great merchants and industrialists worked on forging a new commercial center.

Although the Lunar Flotilla's importance has declined with the end of the Invasion, it remains a major hub world of the Multiverse, and will likely be so for long after the Twilight Tower is rebuilt. However, recent attacks by Darth Phobos and a mysterious band of pirates have reduced the population, whether by killing or by scaring inhabitants to move back down to the Tower of Twilight




Species from all across the multiverse exist here for the most part, but the vast majority are humans and Shy Guys.



Being a flotilla, ships are availible to hijack, as someone already has. There are also a few shops still around to steal from, but as the Tower of Twilight rebuilds, the majority of the resoucres of the Flotilla are moving back down there

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