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St. Patrick's Day
Wear green, or be be beaten black and blue.
Vital statistics
Participants Boardwide
Date 17/3
Location Demeter Plaza

Lucky Day is the multiverse equivalent to St. Patrick's Day, and occupies the same space on the calendar.

The event[]

According to popular legend, the day was established in the multiverse when a green Shy Guy named St. Patrick drove all of the snakes away from Yoshi's Island by slaying their king and mixing his blood into an alcoholic beverage. To celebrate this, citizens of the multiverse are given a commemorative consumable, as well as the opportunity to choose one of two other gifts.

The shy guys also enjoy attacking people who don't wear green during the event.


The St. Patrick's Day giveaway lasts until the 25th, providing a full week of being bruised black and blue if you are not wearing green!

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