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Judge Arc
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Justice enforced as they saw fit
Vital statistics
Participants Judges (NPC group) Sonic the Hedgehog, Jiraiya the Mega Perv, Lucian, Tails, B.B Hood, Sanji, Ridley, Gant, SA-X and Soldius
Date November 2007-February 2008
Location Tower of Twilight, Angel Island, Tartarus, Judges Chambers

Preceded by: God Wars, Pestiss' Refreshing Wave

Proceded by: Faction Wars

The event[]

A group four of judges and their lead enforcers enter the multiverse to try and bring order to it. They had their own faction HQ and players could join the ranks of enofrcers. They took over Angel Island, and invaded Tartarus and Madshroom Kingdom to spread order. The lead judge became corrupt and the other judges eventually turn on him and arrest him. After they leave the Multiverse returns to the state it was before they came.

This arc unfortunately became another case of NPCs fighting with themselves and saw very little member involvement. It did, however, have a few interesting subplots.

Romance Between Chief Justice Raxeos and Justice Rhea[]

Justice Rhea was trained as a gunslinger. In the world the Justices came from, this made her unable to become a judge. A young Raxeos was smitten with her, but put their relationship on hold as he worked up the ranks. Once Cheif Justice, he promoted Rhea to Justice, but still not act on his feelings. Suppressing those feelings started him on the path of corruption.

Sister in a Suit a of Gold[]

The enforcer of Cheif Justice Raxeos was only known as The Golden Enforcer for most of the arc. This was an androgynos fighter who fought with two short batons while clad in a gold suit with ribbons that could be animated and assist in binding criminals. Most of the suit was simply golden fabric, but the horned-helmet decorated with the face of a demon was made of a special gold. The enforcer ruthlessly followed Cheif Justice Raxeos' word down to the letter, even as he started showing signs of corruption.

During routine patrols, a criminal knocked the helmet askew during apprehension. The Golden Enforcer (to be continued)


  • Sonic the Hedgehog, who lost his memory at the end of the Refreshing Wave, returns to normal. Lucian, who had joined the judges as an enforcer, also leaves the faction. Gant also joins but nothing comes of this.
  • The Judges disappear from the multiverse, losing their control over certain worlds.
  • A few player's soldiers get arrested, but are released.
  • B.B Hood claims one of the Super Emeralds
  • Members of the Ascendency file a complaint against the Judges because of their invasion of Tartarus, but nothing comes of it.

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