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Hylian Unification Ceremonial Tournament of Arms
"And on this day, we celebrate a historic moment in the history of Hylia -- The day when all the lands were unified under the Lords of Midnight!"
Vital statistics
Participants Various
Date Jan 23, 2014 - Oct 23, 2014
Location Hylia

Following SA-X's takeover of Holodrum, she and the rest of the Lords of Midnight put on a grand tournament to celebrate. Many characters from all across the Multiverse showed up to test their skills, a thousand c prize attracting them.


The Event[]

The tournament itself was a series of bracketed 1 vs 1 matches, with the occasional 1 vs 1 vs 1 to deal with odd numbers of participants. The matches took place all over Hylia, namely, Hyrule, Termina, Great Sea, and Holodrum. Deathmatches were allowed, at player discretion.

Especially notable was the third match of the first round, in which SA-X and the other Lords, as well as some neutral parties and some from The Phoenixes of Armageddon ambushed Mephistopheles, Luxord, and Metal Sonic. Luxord changed sides, joining the Lords, and he and the rest attacked Mephistopheles and Metal Sonic.


Round 1[]

Match 1 Frank West vs Janus Cascade Winner: Frank West
Match 2 Aviel vs Mima Winner: Mima
Match 3 Mephistopheles vs Luxord vs Metal Sonic Winner: None advance
Match 4 Fujiwara no Mokou vs Leonora Winner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Match 5 Judith vs Rosalina vs Eggman Winner: Eggman
Match 6 Larxene vs "The Professor" Winner: Larxene
Match 7 Sita Vilosa vs Jirall Winner: Sita Vilosa
Match 8 Arakune vs Lancer Winner: Arakune
Match 9 Rathelas vs Nozdormu Winner: Nozdormu
Match 10 Uber Ethereal vs Hrist Winner: Uber Ethereal
Match 11 Roxie vs Irelia Winner: Irelia
Match 12 Jin Kisaragi vs Zero Winner: Jin Kisaragi

Round 2[]

Match 1 Frank West vs Mima Winner: Mima
Match 2 Fujiwara no Mokou vs Eggman Winner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Match 3 Larxene vs Sita Vilosa vs Jin Kisaragi Winner: Sita Vilosa
Match 4 Arakune vs Nozdormu Winner: Arakune
Match 5 Uber Ethereal vs Irelia Winner: Uber Ethereal

Round 3[]

Match 1 Mima vs Fujiwara no Mokou Winner: Mima
Match 2 Sita Vilosa vs Arakune vs Uber Ethereal Winner: Sita Vilosa

Final Round[]

Finals Mima vs Sita Vilosa Winner: Mima

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