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Having trouble understanding Wiki language? Can't seem to get a profile image to work? Is the Infobox acting up? Well fret not! This page is a handy, yet easy guide to learning how to create your character's very own page!

Before doing anything, please make an account.

Making a character page
Your character page should be more about your character than you. Save most of your information about yourself for your User pages. Please avoid making character pages for characters that have not been active for at least three months.

1. In the left hand control panel, click Create a new article. A new page loads.

2. Under Choose a page type, click Character. The character page template loads.

3. In the Article Title box, type the name of the character you are making the page for and click Proceed to Edit. The rest of the edit screen becomes available. If you make a separate page for your secondary general or follower, you will be shived through internet at this time.

4. In the Infobox area, enter the apporaite information in the correct fields. Note that the information in the infobox will change.

5. To insert an image, click on Insert Image. Select an image to upload from your files and click Open. A dialog box will open asking you to save another file. Click Cancel. Odds are likely that it will tell you that the image uploading failed. It lies, continue to the next step OR save the page as is and go the Adding the Infobox image section.

6. In the Top of the Page box, type general information about the game your character originates from. You really only need enough information to make the character identifiable, especially if you have changed the character to the point that original game art of them no longer applies. In another paragraph, make a reference to you, the player, such as when you took up the character. You may mention how many times the character has been played before you got him or her, if applicable.

7. In the Background box, describe in your own words the role your character played in the game they came from. If you copy and paste a summary from another source, your voice will not be consistent throughout the page and it helpful to know how YOU see the role YOUR character played. You may include original information that did not occur in the actual game, but that you considered as having happened before your character arrived in the Multiverse.

8. In the Involvement box, summarize what your character has done in the Multiverse. You do not need to include word-for-word details, as that is what character chronicles is for.

9. In the Strategy box, type how your character fights. You may include how you approach stat fights. This section does not need to be very long, but it helps to serve as reference for RP fights.

10. In the Quotes box, type some quotes that your character has said or what has been said about your character.

11. In the Trivia box, type fun facts about the character that you would usually throw out in a one-up-manship contest in the cbox. Example: "Paula is the first Mother/Earthbound character on the box" or "Vent is one of three PC's to have been changed into woman".

12. In the See also box, type * and then the names of characters that yours have interacted with. Highlight the name and then click the button with a capital A and lowercase b that are underlined and blue in the tools above the box. It is not advised to link to your alts unless you have RPed with yourself.

13. In the External Links box, type [(the url of your stats) (Stats, or fancy name of your storage)]. It is important to include the brackets and the space between the url and name of the storage. You can do the same for Character Chronicles or any other page you wish to link to. Remember that you are better off compiling all of your threads to a Character Chronicle rather than linking each of your quests.

14. Skip the Categories box. Do not even look at it.

15. Click Save Page. Note how the information in the infobox changes, just like I told you it would.

Adding the Infobox image
1. Be on the page that you want to edit.

2. On the toolbar, click Edit this page. The edit screen loads.

3. Click the grey box that says "Infobox character". Another screen loads.

4. Open another tab with the wiki in it and go to New Pictures. The image it told you that failed to upload is there.

5. Copy the file name and tab back to the edit screen.

6. In the Image box, type Image:, insert a space, and paste the file name. You will need to have the file extension and any spaces within the file name you pasted will need to be replaced with underscore.

7. Click Preview to see if your image appears.

8. If you were successful, rejoice and then click OK and Save Page.


If you failed, let someone who was successful in uploading their image fix it. Get the hell out of the edit screens.

Adding your character to the Player Character Category
1. Be on the page that you want to edit.

2. On the toolbar, click Edit this page. The edit screen loads.

3. Beneath the editing field, click the Add Category button, start typing Player Character and then click on Player Character when it appears OR type the whole word. Either way, press Enter to finish. The Player Character button will appear; this means you are now in the category.

4. Click Save Page.