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To the citizens of the Multiverse, holidays are a time for great for having fun, and bonding with other people. To the Shy Guys, it's a great time to rake in the money with a well placed promotion. Savvy heroes and villians, however, also know that its possible to get restoratives and other items for a far cheaper price than you could normally, or even for free! Many of these items, both consumable and equipment, also have non-standard effects.

These shops are only around during their respective Holiday, so act quickly!

New Year[]

Not a shop, per say, but it will be included for sake of completion. During this holiday, all CRRP characters recieve a few items, mostly geared towards rewards that grant permanent improvements. Guarenteed Items

Item Description
60c Coupon A holiday coupon that may be used toward any purchase.
Double Payday Double the normal Currency  when collecting your next pay day. Only works on one payday and cannot be applied to back-paydays.

Choosable Items (Select One)[]

Item Description
New Year's Resolution

May re-arrange IP spent in vitals as long as they conform to cap rules. (2 Uses: 1 for respec, and another for undo).

Spa Coupon Good for one free technique/ability in the Pool of Restoration, or Two free single IP vital increases in the Pool of Awakening. Also redeemable for a free technique or ability at Celestial Strikes or Celestial Skills.
Gym Ticket Allows one free damage or healing technique upgrade.Single-Target and Multi-hitter attacks gain 2 damage (in the case of multi-hits, these 2 damage may be added to a single strike or split between two), and all other techniques gain a single point of damage onto all strikes. Cannot be used on party techniques.

Heart's Day[]

Heart's Day doesn't offer any free items like the other holidays typically do; however, the restoratives available on this day offer some of the best recovery rates of any holiday restorative. However, there is the catch that you need to gift the item to someone. Purchasable Items

Item Cost Description
Red Rose 2c

A lovely gift for a lovely person.

Heart Shaped Sugar Cookie With Red Sprinkles

10c Baked with love and affection. Restores 30 HP
Box o' Chocolates 10c Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. Restores 30 EP.
Fuzzy Drink 10c

A drink that makes one swoon with happy feelings and tingling bubbles. Restores 6 DP.

Friendship Bracelet 10c

For those who are just friends. The power of friendship compels the restoration of 6 LP.

Heart Day's Card 30c

A card detailing one's love and affection for another. Inflicts [Charm (3)] on a single target.

Snugglegram 30c

A hand-written note from a special someone, complete with a single piece of chocolate and a heart-shaped balloon. Often delivered by heroes in cuddly bear-themed armor. Bestows [Slow Healing (6)] and [Vega (4)] on a single target.

Lucky Day[]

Like New Years, there aren't any purchasable items available on Lucky Day; however, a couple of free items can be claimed. Guarenteed Item

Item Description
Four-Leaf Clover

Makes an incoming technique from the opponent's next turn cost -1 DP to dodge. One time use.

Optional Items (Pick 1)[]



Two pints of traditional Irish beer. The first one buffs the drinker with [Vega (3)] and a pleasant buzz, the second bestows [Strengthen {Melee} (1)] and minor (or major, depending how you hold your booze) inebriation.

Pot o' Gold

The Shy Guys have spent the month of March so far artificially generating rainbows in and around the Main Tower, then lying in ambush at each end of them. Leprechauns. Their success has been paltry at best, and there was one very memorable run-in with LEPrecon that was never officially recorded. Regardless, they have come up with leprechaun's gold for each citizen of the multiverse. It is redeemable for 50c, but will vanish on the 25th of March.

Egg Day Store[]

Egg Day is the first holiday of the year to grant both consumables and free items. That being said, the items sold on Egg Day are typically inferior to the ones purchasable on Heart's Day, and are sold at a slightly higher price. Notably, the Crunch Chick and Tofu, which can increase or decrease one's alignment, can be picked up here, and only here. Free Items (Pick 2)


Easter Basket

An easter basket, complete with fake green grass, and three small chocolate eggs. Recovers 5 HP, 5 EP and 1 DP. (3 Uses)

Spring Jelly Beans

After all, there must be SOME way the Easter bunny gets around the entire world in one day. Grants [Haste (1)]. 3 uses.


Who knows how this strange device found its way into the Shy Guys' hands? Its label reads, "Have your enemies been pepping themselves up with all that sugar? Turn it against them with the Sugar-Crash-O-Matic!" Causes target unit to instantly experience that sluggish, exhausted feeling that comes in the wake of a sugar rush, inflicting [Slow (6)] on them. (3 uses)

Crunchy Chick Only a truly evil person could eat an innocent little chick. Lowers alignment by 1. May only use one chick per year per account, and must be RPed out in a thread or integrated into a PQ or quest to work. (Cannot get a Tofu if you get this.)

Only the good of heart would be able to stomach this stuff. Increases alignment by 1. May only use one tofu per year per account, and must be RPed out in a thread or integrated into a PQ or quest to work. (Cannot get a Crunchy Chick if you get this.)

Purchasable Items[]


Price Description
Red Plastic Egg 15c

This one has candy with nuts inside. It heals 20 HP.

Blue Plastic Egg 15c

This one has candy with caramel inside. It heals 20 EP.

Green Plastic Egg 15c

This one has candy with coffee flavoring. It heals 4 DP.

Yellow Plastic Egg 15c

This one has candy with nougat filling. It heals 4 LP.

Spook Day[]

There are no purchasable items on Spook Day; however, special restoratives are given out that restore 20% of a unit's max vital in a specific vital. Available Items (Pick 2)

Item Description
Trick or Treat Candy Restores 20% of your max HP.
Candied Apple Restores 20% of your max EP.
Spiked Punch Restores 20% of your max DP.
Pumpkin Cookie Restores 20% of your max LP.

Turkey Day[]

Essentially Spook Day 2.0. More items are claimable on Turkey Day than on Spook Day, in the sense of both options and how many you can claim. The new items split the 20% restoration among multiple vitals. Available Items (Pick 3)

Item Description
Turkey Sammich Restores 20% of your max HP.
Cranberry Platter Restores 20% of your max EP.
Delicious Pie Restores 20% of your max DP.
Dinner Wine Restores 20% of your max LP.
Green-bean Casserole Heals 10% of your max HP and DP.
Potato Salad Heals 10% of your max DP and LP.
Leftovers Restores 5% of your max HP, EP, DP, and LP.

Christmas (Single Use / The Christmas Aisle)[]

Since what's available for Christmas is so expansive, the section for it has been into two parts. Here, you can get both free items, and buy restoratives. Free Items (Pick One)

Item Description
Nice List You may be on the opposite side, but you're still alright. Puts [Charm(4)] on a single target, increases all their damage by +4 for the duration of the Charm. (3 Uses)
Naughty List You've been very, very bad this year. A single target deals -1 damage with all attacks, receives +1 damage from all attacks for 4 turns, and is effected by [Dispel (1)]. (3 Uses)
Holiday Cheer This little bauble can infuse anyone with the energy of the holiday season! Enchants a single target to deal +3 with all attacks and receive +3 defense against all attacks for 4 turns, as well as receiving [Vega (3)]. (3 Uses)

Purchaseable Items[]

Item Price Description
Mistletoe 2c Get close to someone...
Lump of Coal 2c Looks like someone was naughty this year...
Egg Nog 10c Heals 30 HP.
Sugar Cookie 10c Heals 20 EP.
Hot Chocolate 10c Heals 3 DP.
Peppermint Candy Cane 10c Heals 3 LP.
Holiday Ham 15c You'll be digesting this for days. User regenerates +1 HP every turn until the end of combat; stacks with other HP regeneration effects, but only one of these may be in effect at a time.
Gingerbread Man 15c So much sugar, you won't be able to sleep for a little while... User regenerates +1 EP every turn until the end of combat; stacks with other EP regeneration effects, but only one of these may be in effect at a time.
Mint Kiss 15c The Hershey kind, if you were wondering. Unless you have a mistletoe. User regenerates +1 DP every five turns until the end of combat; stacks with other DP regeneration effects, but only one of these may be in effect at a time.
Rum Cake 15c I don't think they baked all of the alcohol out of this... User regenerates +1 LP every five turns until the end of combat; stacks with other LP regeneration effects, but only of one of these may be in effect at a time.

Christmas (Presents / Santa Guy's Workshop)[]

Unlike any of the other holidays, presents can be bought on Christmas, which not only could contain consumables, but permanent equipment as well (which, like consumables, can have non-standard effects). While you obviously can't buy any for yourself, you can get them for your friends, who will hopefully reciprocate. Not only do you choose the type of present, but also the color of the ribbon. Both of them combine to determine the gift your friend gets (while the gifts themselves by and large remain the same year to year, which ribbon grants what item is randomized every year, so don't take previous years as a guide to what ribbon you want to buy to get the person a specific item. The Gift Boxes

Item Price Description
Warrior's Gift 15c Contains something good for the fierce warrior in your life! {Melee/Utility}
Sorcerer's Gift 15c Contains something fancy for the magician of your life! {Spells/Utility}
Hunter's Gift 15c Contains something strong for the hunter of your life! {Ranged/Utility}
Ticking Gift 15c Contains something for that trigger happy person of your life! {Ballistic/Utility}
Decorated Box 15c Contains something for those commanders of your life! {Soldiers/Utility}
Box o' Armor 10c Contains some protective gear!

Warrior's Gift {Melee/Utility}[]

Item Description
Heroic Surge A sudden burst of heroic energy can enhance any warrior's speed. Bestows [Haste 4] on a friendly target. (2 Uses)
Utility Belt Famous heroes rarely go anywhere without their handy belt of helpful gadgets. Famous villains too, come to think of it. Potions restore +2 IP of vitals. {Accessory}
Locked Gauntlets [Locked Gauntlets]: Made out of a hard material, these gauntlets are designed to be hard to destroy. Gives accessories a 1/4 decay resistance. {Gloves}
Book of Techniques [Book of Techniques]: Upon reading this book the words vanish, keeping their secret with you! 2 Free IP!
Shining Sword A sword aglow with a fierce light. Adds +1 to Melee Attacks {Weapon}
Courage Belt Gives you the courage needed to continue fighting. Regain 2 HP every round. {Belt}

Sorcerer's Gift {Spells/Utility}[]

Item Description
Magic Potion You don't wanna KNOW what's in this one, but it makes you a bigger bruiser nonetheless. Buffs a target with [Focus (3)]. (2 uses)
Updated Spell Book Keeps yourself up to date with the latest ways to burn your enemies from afar. Adds +1 to Spell Attacks {Weapon}
Mana Potion Mixed with mystical herbs and spices, this potion is not the tastiest but you'd be hard pressed to find something better at its job. Restores 50% of a target's max EP. (2 Uses)
Ancient Scroll Upon reading this scroll the words vanish, keeping their secret with you! 2 Free IP!
Energized Belt Etched with runes and woven with special materials, this belt always keeps a wizard's mana charged. Restores 2 EP every turn. {Belt}
Extravagant Cloak An overly fancy cloak that is nonetheless stylish for any aspiring wizard. -2 EP with spells.{Armor}

Hunter's Gift {Ranged/Utility}[]

Item Description
Extra Pouch A good hunter knows that you can never have enough space for your vital supplies- Who knows when you'll be trapped in the wilderness? Grants an extra quick slot. {Accessory}
Survival Guide Upon reading this guide the words vanish, keeping their secret with you! 2 Free IP!
Quiver of Arrows Stylish AND roomy, this gives the archer that much more firepower. Adds +1 to Ranged attacks {Weapon}
Fireball Trap The greatest hunters can even lay traps on friends and allies! Can be placed on a friendly target, if the friendly target is attacked the opponent receives 6 Fire damage, costs +1DP to dodge. (One Use)
Silent Steps Hunters are masters at trailing their prey. Can make a technique cost +1 DP to dodge once per combat. {Boots}
Eye of the Beast A hunter never forgets a quarry. He will remember his adversary's fighting style, mannerisms, and weak points from one encounter to the next- And use them to his advantage every time. If you have fought the opponent before, you receive +1 Defense against all of their attacks, and deal +1 damage to them. {Head}

Ticking Box {Ballistic/Utility}[]

Item Description

Dragon's Breath Rounds

Covered in a revolutionary material, these bullets will catch fire upon physical impact and burn for quite a while. Can add [Burn (5)] onto an attack for (8 EP) {Accessory}

Explosive Rounds

Each of these special bullets is carefully filled with an explosive mixture to give each shot an added kick. Comes in a variety of ammunition types! Adds +1 to Ballistic attacks {Accessory}
Bandolier The classic icon of the gunslinger, this has storage for an abundance of ammunition- And it makes you look awesome. Grants +5 EP, can also be used once a match to regenerate 1/4 of your max EP. {Belt}
Gun Magazine Upon reading this magazine the words vanish, keeping their sales with you! 2 Free IP
Scope A good scope can make spotting and sniping targets so much easier. This is a very good scope. Makes a technique cost +1 DP to dodge for 5 EP one time. {Accessory}
Tracking Beacon When a tracking beacon is launched, the shooter's target suddenly has nowhere left to run. Target is affected with [Hex (2)] and [Break (2)], this attack costs +3 DP to dodge (2 Uses)

Box o' Armor {Defense}[]

Item Description

Thick Winter Coat

This thick leather coat is strong enough to protect the wearer from just about everything. As an added benefit: It's super comfy! Gives +1 Defense vs all attacks. {Armor}

Thick Winter Cloak

This long fur coat can be used in battle to confuse the enemy, make them strike at areas you aren't. Its alot fur weave makes it super comfy! Gives +1 Defense vs {Melee} Attacks. {Accessory}
Thick Winter Boots Kevlar fabric woven into these thick boots provide some protection from bullets. And it's super comfy! Gives +1 Defense vs {Ballistic} Attacks. {Boots}
Heavy Leather Belt This belt has a strong weave that will protect the wearer from many projectiles... And it's super comfy! Gives +1 Defense vs {Ranged} Attacks. {Belt}
Thick Mittens These thick, warm mittens have been woven from a fabric known to dampen offensive magic. And it makes them super comfy! Gives +1 Defense vs {Spell} Attacks. {Gloves}
Peace Ribbon This ribbon symbolizes peace in the Multiverse and goodwill to man, and has enchantments to protect those who would wear it. Unfortunately, it is not comfy. Offers 1/4 Resistance against Wound and Burn. {Accessory}

Decorated Box {Soldiers/Utility}[]

Item Description

Healing Rays

The best generals get the best tech, like these experimental healing lasers. Restores 5 HP to up to three soldiers (2 Uses)

Training Guide

Upon reading this guide the words vanish, keeping their secret with you! +80c.
Purple Heart This prized award honors those soldiers who have been injured in the field, in the hopes they never have to risk themselves again. Gives up to 3 followers under your command receive +5 HP {Badge}
Well Trained When a soldier is trained to a higher standard, he can accomplish what no one else can. Up to 3 followers under your command receive +5 EP. {Badge}
Gilded Belt Soldiers are more likely to obey a general who looks fancy. FACT. Gives up to 3 followers under your command receive +1 LP {Belt}
Hi Def Radio This radio delivers crystal clear sound, and allows a general to organize his troops for maximum effectiveness. Gives up to 3 soldiers +1 to all Attacks. {Badge}