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Note: This article is about a faction which no longer exists.

The Harbingers of Caligousness (also known simply as the "Harbingers") is a villainous faction formed by a triple alliance between Kefka, Luxord, and Xehanort's Heartless, also known as "Ansem." Viewed by many as the successor faction to the Cult of Kefka, the Harbingers waged a war against just about every other active group in the known multiverse. Because of the sheer strength of just its three key members, they stood unchallenged for quite some time.


Before there were Harbingers, there was Legion. Legion was a faction made by some of the Multiverse's oldest villians (who were not already in Ascendancy); Zexion, Jon Irenicus, and Mephistopheles. Together, these three went around to all other factions with a message: "Join or die."

Many of their members were deserters from the Cult of Kefka, including Luxord and Ansem. Kefka, afraid of being killed, eventually followed. These three took it upon themselves to cause trouble in the Multiverse until they realized that the leaders of Legion had been bluffing and were not actually going to do anything to anyone.

They split apart to form the Harbingers and brought around the Faction Wars.


Harbingers claim to fame was the Faction Wars, which they actually started while members of Legion. They went around to the heroic factions of the time and challenged all of their members to big rp deathmatches. This was biggest influx of dead characters ever in the history of the board. They attacked Forgotten Hunters, Multiverse Garden, and Noblesse Oblige. Only Garden successfully fended them off thanks to the sudden arrival of Zack Fair.

They then attacked the Tower of Twilight. With two nobodies, they tried turning the Moon to darkness/make it a door to Kingdom hearts. While causing many casualities, they failed to corrupt the Moon due to Paula praying for the Moon; she could not fully deflect the wave of darkness caused, and took the brunt of it for the Moon and died for a brief time.

Harbingers were attacked at their headquarters by The Strawhats, joined by Tails and Paula (after her time in the Netherrealm was up). Kefka and Luxord could not coordinate their attack well enough, and frustrated, Ansem turned on them, killing Kefka himself.

The faction disbanded, with Luxord and Ansem joining the Lords of Midnight.


Harbingers' objective was to inflict as much darkness and death in the Multiverse as possible. They were largely successful with this until they got attacked themselves.

Made up of three Elite Role-Players, Harbingers' strategy was to challenge the factions to rp deathmatchs and use their score to win. One member alone could score high enough to beat the average player.