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God Wars
The Multiversal Crusade
Vital statistics
Participants Two gods and many multiversal inhabitants
Date Months before the refresh to the refresh itself
Location The entire multiverse

Preceded by: Yol'Ari Arc

Proceded by: The Multiversial Refresh, Judge Arc

The event[]

The God Wars began when several shooting stars fell to various planets in the Multiverse. Once the shards landed, they began to corrupt the world around them. A larger piece into Hyrule Castle and turned it into a large throne. With time, it would be known that these shards held fragments of power of the evil god Jake the Bastard.

At the same time, two other gods, both of the neutral variety, came to the Multiverse. One was the God of Adventure, Pestiss, his follower lead by his avatar Ballion and his churches literally sprung up in Balder's Gate and the Sanctuary of Light. The other god was the Unknown, and his people could rarely be differeniated from Jake the Bastard's. They were seen in Port Royal and Figaro, however.

The war was over the shards, with Pestiss and Unknown trying to keep them from Jake the Bastard and restoring his powers. Characters from the Multiverse joined sides and tried to find these crystals, some for power, and others to rid of them. Unfortunately, some heroes destroyed the shards, thinking that it would get rid of them, only for the power that was held in them to return to Jake the Bastard anyway.

As Jake the Bastard gained more power, the Pools on the Moon filled with blood and were rendered unusable, as well as taking over the Bastion of Darkness. Pestiss sent out his followers to gather the last of the shards. Ballion absorbed these shards into his arm, his body slowly dying from the effect. Ballion and Unknown faced off against Jake the Bastard in the Bastion of Darkness. Ballion was killed in the fight, which released Pestiss' god powers and resulted in the Refreshing Wave.


  • The removal of all three gods, their followers, and their churches, as well any landscape effects, from the Multiverse.
  • The Multiverse Refresh, which removed several worlds from the board.
  • This arc was considered a failed arc as many players and staff were unhappy with how things went down, and effects in the Multiverse from it were literally wiped away. It changed how staff looked at NPCs and designed story arcs. The main change was that several members of staff would run a single NPC so that storyline threads wouldn't stall as much. They also wanted less NPCs in future storyline, even though this wasn't acted upon until after the Judge Arc, when the Infected Arc only had two NPC accounts running it.

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