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Greatest swordsman, right?
Vital Statistics
Title(s) Wandering Fighter, The Greatest Swordsman in The Multiverse!
Gender Male
Race Asura
Faction None
Alignment 0
Level 1
Status Alive

Gilgamesh is a recurring character from the Final Fantasy series.


Gilgamesh's long story begins on Planet R (At least, that's what the Final Fantasy Wiki calls the world FFV takes place in). He was a high ranking officer in the evil army lead by the wizard tree Exdeath. After engaging in combat with Bartz and his posse, he finds what he thinks is the legendary sword "Excalibur", but is really an imitation known as Excalipoor. After expressing disbelief at his misfortune, Exdeath banishes him to the void between worlds, but that is only the beginning of his adventure.

He traveled to a different universe, and landed on the continent of Centra. After obtaining Zantetsuken, he followed around Squall, occasionally popping into battles when not looking for legendary swords. After a while he travels to Gaia and disguises himself as a card player, and still looks for legendary swords. Afterwards he travels to Ivalice, proclaiming himself to be the best swordsman in the land, and gets beat up by a group of Sky Pirates.

Eventually Gilgamesh wanders the rift, poking his head into various dimensions, somehow finding one that has people he's seen from the other worlds he's been in. However, much to his dismay, none of them recognize him. After getting in fights with various villains and heroes, he wanders back into the void he came from. He wanders for a indeterminate time, eventually winding up in the multiverse, unable to locate and use the portals he's been using to travel inter-dimensionally. 


Shortly after entering the multiverse, Gilgamesh beat up a little girl in the Coliseum, then hurt more children in an attempt to bag some cotton candy. Aferwards he decided to have lunch on the top of the clock tower in Termina, and unfortunately took a great tumble off the top. He broke three of his arms and wound up in the Hospital of Light, staying there for quite a long time.

Powers and Capabilities[]

Gilgamesh has high HP and DP, relying on low EP cost techniques to get the job done. While he focuses on powerful single-target attacks, generals with massive armies facing him may feel the wrath of Zantetsuken, a party-wide attack. His Naginata is a simple attack that focuses on strait slashing damage with little deviation, Excalibur deals Slashing and Light damage, but also inflicts Burn. He also has Blue Magic, in this case Aero, which deals Wind and Slashing damage and is more difficult to dodge. While his true form lacks the ability it did outside the Multiverse, he is still a force to be reckoned with.

He also has mediocre abilities as a beastmaster, his sole follower coming from the fruits of his labor. Enkidu is a large green wolf with next to no EP, instead prefering to harass his enemies with weak, yet consistant attacks.


"My name isn't Gigamess! It's Gilgamesh!"


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