Celestial Refresh Wiki
Fury Strikes
Name Fury Strikes
Type Technique Effect
EP Cost 1 per 2

This technique increases in damage every time it's used, up to a maximum of three times.

EP Cost[]

Every time the technique is used, the EP cost increases by the listed amount. Here is an example:

[Fury]: Deals 10 [Slashing] damage to a target. For each turn this technique is used consecutively, it deals an extra 6 [Slashing] damage and costs an additional 3 EP, up to a maximum of three times. {Melee} (5 EP)

The first time this technique is used, it deals 10 damage for 5 EP. The second time, it deals 16 damage for 8 EP. The third time, it deals 22 damage for 11 EP. The fourth time, and every time after that, it deals 28 damage for 14 EP.

The final 'tier' must cost less EP than the user's technique EP cap. So at Battle Level 1, the fourth consecutive use would need to cost 30 or less EP in order to be legal.


Increasing the scaling damage of a Fury Strikes technique by 1 costs 1 upgrade and 80c. The base damage can be upgraded at the regular rates as well.

Additional Rulings[]

  • The added Element may be different from the base element, at the cost of an effect slot.
  • The user may opt to use a lower 'tier' of Fury Strike if they wish; they do not have to increase the damage and EP cost. However, they can only ever go up one tier at a time, even if they stepped down multiple on the prior turn.
  • Taking no action results in the technique being reset to its base form.