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Fontaine Futuristics[]

Fontaine futuristics

The future is Fontaine!

Owned by Frank Fontaine and constructed in the Tower of Twilight in July 2014, Fonatine Futuristics is a player-run store where customers can purchase plasmids and gene tonics, consumables that increase combat capabilities in a myriad of ways. While those who are aware of Fontaine's last may eye this move with a mixture of horror and revulsion, the businessman claims that they are safe to consume for people of all ages. What further effects this will have on people, though, remains to be seen. 


Unique to Fontaine Futuristics are plasmids, items that allow consumers to temporarily imbue their attacks with other elements. They help to add an element of unpredictability to combat, allowing players to potentially exploit weaknesses in opponents that would normally not be available. Notice that the plasmids at the bottom of the list may add other buffs besides straight damage or combine elements together to create different effects. 

Item Description Cost
Whetstone 1 Grants [Enhance [Slashing] 6] 36
Wrench Jockey 1 Grants [Enhance [Blunt] 6] 36
Porcupine 1 Grants [Enhance [Piercing] 6] 36
Electrobolt 1 Grants [Enhance [Lightning] 6] 36
Incinerate! 1 Grant [Enhance [Fire] 6] 36
Bucking Bronco 1 Grant [Enhance [Earth] 6] 36
Undertow 1 Grants [Enhance [Water] 6] 36
Cyclone Trap 1 Grants [Enhance [Wind] 6] 36
Winter Blast 1 Grants [Enhance [Cold] 6] 36
Insect Swarm 1 Grants [Enhance [Bio] 6] 36
Gravity Well 1 Grants [Enhance [Space] 6] 36
Telekinesis 1 Grants [Enhance [Mental] 6] 36
Obliterate! 1 Grants [Enhance [Energy] 6] 36
Illumination 1 Grants [Enhance [Light] 6] 36
Umbra 1 Grants [Enhance [Dark] 6] 36
Transcendence 1 Grants [Enhance [Spirit] 6] 36
Chaos Surge Grants [Enhance [Energy] 3] and [Enhance [Space] 3] 36
Heaven's Call Grants [Enhance [Light] 3] and [Enhance [Spirit] 3] 36
Hell's Fall Grants [Enhance [Dark] 3] and [Enhance [Spirit] 3] 36
Jinxed! Grants [Enhance [Fire] 4] and [Strengthen {Ballistic} 4] 40
Houdini 1 Grants [Agility 2] 32
Sanctuary 1 Grants [Barrier 6] 36

Gene Tonics[]

Gene Tonics are more passive buffs--not nearly as flashy, but they are still very helpful in ensuring that one's attacks hit harder or their defenses are better.

Item Description Cost
Arms Race 1 Grants [Strengthen {Ballistic} 10] 40
BrainBoost 1 Grants [Strengthen {Spell} 10] 40
Sportboost 1 Grants [Strengthen {Melee} 10] 40
Arrow Call 1 Grants [Strengthen {Ranged} 10] 40
Scaleskin 1 Grants [Protect {Ranged} 10] and [Protect {Spell} 10] 40
Armored Shell 1 Grants [Protect {Melee} 10] and [Protect {Ballistic} 10] 40


As well, Fontaine Futuristics sells a limited selection of restorative items--perfect for those that need to stay alive in some form or another.

Item Description Cost
ADAM Vial (small) [Slow Healing (10)] 30
ADAM Vial (medium) Grants [Slow Healing (25)] 75
Doc Hollcroft's Cure-All Grants [Cleanse 2] and [Vega 1] 36

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