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Faction System
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Primary Function Character-Run Organization
Location Warfare

The Faction System is a hybrid RP-stat system developed to help players organize their characters into in-multiverse like-minded groups. The faction system grants characters access to: their own Faction Headquarters, which is a subforum where they may RP and keep vehicles, followers and equipment; participation in the World Takeover System, which allows them to dominate worlds for glory and statistic bonuses; and a support base of other members and their characters from which to launch adventures and storylines.


In the wake of the fall of both the Sanctuary of Light and Bastion of Darkness, several of the main forces of both the heroes and villians of the multiverse found themselves scattered and in disarray. Some of the old bands and cliques on both sides found themselves once again working alongside each other, and eventually decided to form organizations that could be more easily managed than the giant Hero and Villains sides of old.

From a system standpoint, the Faction System was conceptialized to help encourage planetary takeovers, and help members create groups of core RPers which had bonds and long-standing ties. The faction system has been revamped and tweaked several times.

Factions may also have sub-factions they are composed of, although the Celestial Guardians are the only known example of this, thus far.

Current Factions[]

Former Factions[]


  • Joining a faction incurs a penalty of gaining 5c less each payday, however for each territory the faction owns an additional 1c is earned.
  • The Altruistic Valorians are the first, and still the only faction to gain and maintain a universe lock.
  • It is generally frowned upon to join a faction and then do nothing productive to assist it. Your character may be asked to leave if this becomes the case.
  • It is also usually frowned upon to join a faction when you're a new member and/or with a new character. It takes time to establish a character to the point where they know where they want to be, and members have a tendency to switch.