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Faction Wars
Chose your allies wisely...
Vital statistics
Participants Kefka, Luxord, Xehanort's Heartless, Daryl, Aaron, Ratchet, Jill Valentine, Vent, Hitomi (Omithix), Sasuke Uchiha, Zack Fair, Raiden, Quistis, Aribeth, Irvine Kinneas, Zexion, Tails, Typhlosion, Sion (Nixos),others...
Date April 2008 - July 2008
Location Soleanna, Multiverse Garden, Forgotten Hunters' HQ, Tower of Twilight, Kefka's Tower

Preceded by: Judge Arc

Proceded by: Infected Invasion

The event[]

  • Aribeth, Raiden, Quistis, and Seta are killed by Luxord, Kefka, and Zexion in the Multiverse Garden. Luxord is killed in the battle. Despite Luxord's death, the attack is considered a success with almost all of the Garden members dead.
  • A revived Luxord and Kefka attack Soleanna, engaging in a battle with Typhlosion and Tails. Despite grievous injuries on both sides, Luxord and Kefka manage to escape Soleanna. Tails and Typhlosion both survive the battle.
  • Kefka, Luxord and Ansem attack the Hunters' base and battle almost every member of the faction. Despite being outnumbered, Kefka, Luxord, and Ansem survive the battle, killing many Hunters during the chaos. This is considered the greatest victory for the Harbingers , as all three attackers survived with nearly every defender being killed. The Hunters killed consist of: Aaron , Cliff, Domingo, Sasuke, Sanji, Jill Valentine, Raguna, Mr. Bubbles, and Daryl. Only Jiraiya, Hitomi (Omithix), Ratchet, and Sonic survive. Vent is comatose for a week after the battle, and barely survives.
  • Tails, Sonic, Jiraiya and Paula mount a counterattack against the Harbingers' base of operations, the four of them capitalizing upon an internal power struggle between Luxord, Kefka and Ansem to eventually defeat the dark trio and bring the Faction Wars to an end.


  • The Forgotten Hunters are disbanded shortly after, due to almost everyone being killed and having little to no resources, as well as their Faction HQ being destroyed. They are not reformed for some time.
  • Kefka is eventually silenced permanently by Tails, reducing the once powerful and insane clown to nothing more than a crippled human.
  • Luxord, Aaron, Cliff, Domingo, Sasuke, Sanji, Jill Valentine, Raguna, Mr. Bubbles, Daryl, Lady Aribeth, Raiden, Quistis and Seta die for the first time. Most, however, are not revived with less than half of the death list returning to the Multiverse.

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