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Eve with her two drones
Vital Statistics
Title(s) Little Queen of Nasods
Gender Female-type Android
Race Nasod
Faction None
Relatives Nasods
Alignment +3
Level 1
Status Alive (Inactive)

Eve is a fully sapient artificial being. She commands the Nasods, a race of generally sentient robots. She comes from the online game called Elsword.

The member currently playing Eve obtained her on December 21, 2013, and has been playing her since. This member was the first to play her.


Eve's race, the Nasods, were sentient robots created by humans. She was their Queen, adored by both races and nicknamed "The Little Queen of Nasods". The two races lived in peace for a short time, but when the power of El, the crystal that powered the Nasods, started to wane, the Nasods weakened and were turned away by the humans. This sparked war. The humans were victorious, all but exterminating the Nasods.

Eve was one of the survivors. Preserved in a capsule, she awoke thousands of years later in a strange time devoid of Nasods. She exhausted her power to revive the Nasod King and as much of her race as she could before collapsing back into the preservation capsule. The next time she woke up, she found herself in the Multiverse, with no explanation as to how she'd been moved there.


Eve met Raven upon first waking up in the Multiverse. She attacked him, thinking he had kidnapped her to get revenge on her people, who had experimented on him.

Most of her time since has been trying to revive her race. She stumbled into Pascal's laboratory inadvertently, leading to her discussing with the engineer about whether they could create a Nasod together.

Later, she met up with Tails, drawn in by his fluffiness. One thing led to another, and the Mobian took her to the Space Colony ARK and into his workshop, where they proceeded to do the same.

Powers and Capabilities[]

Most of Eve's personal offensive capabilities come in the form of laser beams. She can shoot them from her hands and use forcefields to either amplify, spread, or redirect the lasers. She can toss out balls of electricity, as well.

Eve can command Nasods to do her bidding, including the two drones that follow her everywhere. These can morph into different shapes, such as spears or blades, and discharge electricity.

Being an android, her mind has a much higher processing capability than humans, able to analyse and scan things within seconds.


  • "What is a reploid? And may I pet your tail?"


  • Though Eve claims to have no emotions, it's pretty clear that this is a lie, though why she lies about it is unknown.

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