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Egg Day
Egg Day is fun, kupo!
Vital statistics
Participants Boardwide
Date Same date as its real life counterpart.
Location Demeter Plaza

Egg Day is a holiday similar to its real life equivalent, Easter, and occupies the same space on the calendar.

The event[]

Each year, the Shy Guys gather the tasty eggs laid by their chocolate rabbits, and make tasty treats made of chocolate, marshmallow, and egg. Members can claim useful consumables.

The Shy Guys have traditionally had problems prepairing for the celebration. The first year it was celebrated, one of the rabbits got infected. The second, one of their chocolate egg laying rabbits defected to the Chain Chomps, and was never caught.


The citizens of the multiverse can get delicious and useful treats, but only for a limited time; so hop on over before it's too late!


Notably, Tofu and Crunchy Chicks, which can increase or decrease your alignment by 1 respectively, can be acquired during Egg Day. However, you may not claim both of them, during the same year.

Ironically, the nameless rogue chocolate egg laying rabbit has a bounty of 12,000,000c, while Alan Schezar, who has caused havoc on the moon and piracy, has only a 5,000c bounty on his head (only 1/2400 the bounty on the rabbit). Unfortunately, the rabbit's bounty is clearly just for fluff, and cannot be claimed.

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