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Art courtesy Aleisha.
Vital Statistics
Title(s) The Origin
Gender Female
Race Milletian Vampire (Also pseudodeity? Sorta?)
Faction None
Relatives None
Alignment ±0 - The Origin
Level 1
Status Active

Dynamei is an original character. She does not have a base personality of her own, instead feeding off the personalities of others, choosing optimal traits from amongst her database to evolve and adapt. Like, you know, some kind of zerg or tyranid, but for personality and soul-stuff.

The user who plays Dynamei is obviously by definition the first to do so, and Dynamei is the sixth character the user apped.


Dynamei has, so far, spent most of her time in the presence of Courtney. The vampire attacked the trainer nearly as soon as she arrived and gained her personality, subsequently reasoning that being allies would be immensely beneficial. For the most part, she has spent her days deferring to Courtney's orders where applicable, having had essentially zero opportunities to sample the souls of anyone else.

Powers and Capabilities[]

Dynamei, currently, does not so much as even have combat data other than her instincts - although naturally this would change if she were to get into a combat situation, the fact remains that at the moment she is only able to choose between 'most unsuited for combat' and 'completely incapable of even the slightest bit of rationality or dexterity'. Dynamei's makeup renders her excessively vulnerable to spiritual attacks. She also takes on the weaknesses of whatever personality or powers she is using at the time. She is also extremely fragile in general, as a matter of fact, and is rather vulnerable to most non-mental forms of attack, especially those that tamper with reality itself.

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