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Crater Coliseum
Crater Coliseum
The Crater's banner
Basic Information
Type PvP Area
Location The Moon
Tech Tier All
Magic Class All
Controlled by None

Crater Coliseum is a large stadium on the moon which serves as a free combat area. It is run by the Shy Guys, along with everything else on the moon. It is unconquerable.


Originally the Crater Coliseum was just a crater, a huge depression in the central moon. However, some time before the events of Celestial Eruption began it was built up by an unknown force into the Olympic Coliseum, a huge, unwieldy fighting arena. When the refreshing wave came and leveled many of the structures, the Olympic Coliseum was rebuilt (officially by the Kombatants, although Shy Guys were likely involved) into Crater Coliseum, a more economical, baseball-stadium-shaped arena built into the crater itself. As time has progressed, the Shy Guys have added additional smaller and more specialized arenas around the Grand Arena. In general, it has been used for non-lethal fights, though a few deaths have occurred.

Shy Guys form the bulk of the crater's staff, and countless spectators from all corners of the multiverse will always be found in its stands, spending their money on food and drink, as well as watching (and betting on) the fights themselves. The arena floor at any time will be filled with countless warriors seeking to train, fight, or win fame and glory in the battlefields. Trained medical technicians are on hand at all times to keep fights from escalating too severely.

Outside of the matches, many more people lost their lives here during the Infected Invasion. That is all in the past, however; the Coliseum has since then resumed its business, attracting even more attention than before.


The Coliseum is divided into two parts: the Arena and the Seats. The Arena is a large, circular fighting area at the center in which people may fight. The Seats are huge tiered ledges cut into the crater on which thousands of seats rest, so that both PCs and NPCs can view the fights.

Aside from the central arena and seats there are several other rooms - private sparring areas, a cafe and small short-term first aid center.

A shuttle port very close to the entry can take combatants back and forth from the Tower of Twilight

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