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Merry Christmas... NOW BUY ME A PRESENT!
Vital statistics
Participants Boardwide
Date Same date as its real life counterpart.
Location Demeter Plaza

Christmas is a holiday similar to its real life equivalent, and occupies the same space on the calendar.

The event[]

Each year, the Shy Guys not only make the sorts of consumable items that can be bought at other stores, but offer presents to give to the people you care about too! After Christmas, these present will open to reveal gifts of consumables of consumables or equipment, many times ones that can't be gotten through normal means.


The citizens of the multiverse can get delicious and useful treats, not to mention buy presents for others, but only for a limited time; so head on over!

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  • This is the only holiday where you can get a hold of equipment, rather than just consumables.
  • You can't buy presents for yourself, your followers, or your alts.
  • Some of the equipment gifts, such as Bandoleer, have effects that cannot be aquired on the more conventional equipment that can be bought from the Celestial Forge.
  • Unlike other CRRP holidays, such as Egg Day or Spook Day, Christmas hasn't had it's name changed.

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