Celestial Refresh Wiki
Name Charge
Type Technique Effect
EP Cost None

This effect allows a technique to be "charged" for a turn to deal double the effects on the next turn.

Doubled Effects[]

Only effects written on the technique are doubled. Bonuses from traits, equipment, and other sources are not doubled, nor are statuses or damage added to the technique via abilities or equipment doubled. Additionally, only offensive effects are doubled. Healing (including Vampiric Healing) and Buffs are not doubled. Inhibitors are not doubled. Finally, the base 4 DP to dodge a technique is also not doubled, though any +DP to dodge effects on the technique are.


Uncharged: Turn 1) [Character > Charge Tech > 15 [Fire] {Spell} damage, [Burn 5], +2 DP to dodge > Enemy] (-30 EP)

Charged: Turn 1) [Character > Charging [Charge Tech]]

Turn 2) [Character > Charge Tech > 30 [Fire] {Spell} damage, [Burn 10], +4 DP to dodge > Enemy] (-30 EP)


Anything upgraded onto a Charge technique is amplified. There is also an upgrade at the Training Grounds which increases the multiplier from x2 to x2.5. This costs 520c on Single-target techniques, and 720c on Multi-target techniques. It cannot be purchased on Row or Party techniques.

Additional Rulings[]

  • Haste allows a character to both charge and launch an attack on the same turn.
  • Haste also allows a character to charge two attacks simultaneously, though they would need to remain hasted on the next turn to launch both attacks.
  • A character must have enough EP to pay for the attack on both turns, even though the EP is only reduced on the second. This means that if Headache, Migraine, or Silence reduce/lock the character's EP after they've been charging, the character can't use the charged attacked and effectively took no action on their previous turn. This also means that a character cannot begin charging a technique while Silenced.
  • Anything that prevents a character from attacking on the turn after charging causes the technique to return to an uncharged state. This includes a character without reach being Pushed into the back row, not activating the character, Slow taking effect, or Lull/Paralyze being applied.