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Purpose and Function[]

The Character of the Month was created as a way to "honor initiative among players and encourage more" in Feburary 2011. The community votes for a character that has done an impressive or note worthy thing that month. For this, they are awarded a custom plaque (typically having a link to the character) and recognition. There is no mechanical benefit for becoming the character of the month. Some characters have had food or drink named after them at Deadpool & Dante's Viewtiful Bar & Grill. A CotM does not have to be chosen every month.

A CotM was not chosen between May 2012 and December 2013. It returned in 2014, but one hasn't been chosen since February.

2011 Characters of the Month[]

January: N/A (Pre-CoTM)

February: Darth Phobos - Despite being a noteworthy low rank villian, set several plots into motion.

March: Larxene - For making her mark on the multiverse and forging rivalries relatively quickly

April: Lenneth - Quickly forged bonds and storylines

May: Zero - For causing a lot of destruction.

June: Bass.EXE - For ruining Oasis and setting back the Tower Reconstruction Project.

July: Lucca - For organizing an event to restore the Madshroom Kingdom.

August: Optimus Prime - For defeating the Decepticons and Sparking the Creation of the Shields.

September: Alan Schezar - For conquering Nobilesse Oblige.

November: Hawke - For defending the Tower of Twilight.

December: Requinara - For being an outstanding OC.

2012 Characters of the Month[]

January: Sabrina - For exploring the Temples of Hyrule and a Train Murder Mystery.

Febuary: Nanoha - For attacking Larxene at the Slugfest.

March: None Chosen - N/A

April: Legion - For pretty much having the character nailed immediately and jumping right into the action.

May: Fall-from-Grace - For standing out under zany circumstances.

None chosen June-December.

2013 Characters of the Month[]

There were no CotM winners in 2013.

2014 Characters of the Month[]

January: A tie between Hilbert, for significant character development, and Terra Branford, for defending Pandemonium from Emperor Mateus and Variphyla's takeover attempt.

February: A tie between SA-X, for the takeover of Holodrum and organization of the Hylian Unification Ceremonial Tournament of Arms, and Deadpool, for the Wylfred thing.

March - June: None chosen.

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