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Attack Card Shops[]

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Card Shops

Card shops are player managed stores where attack cards are traded in-character characters. These stores allow character to market their powerful techniques; which can give other characters a temporary power boost in the form of power attack or situation buffs.

These cards are produced within Castle Oblivion's Moogle shop .

List of known Card Shops[]

At the present

Recettear : located in Gaia of FFVII & Midgar , and owned by Recette Lemongrass. It also sells restoratives and equipment. Recette sells a few of her own cards there, but also allows others to list their techniques there. Unlike most card shops, Recettear also stocks blank attack cards.

Starlights Radiance : located in Demeter Plaza, and owned by Larxene (although the day-to-day operations are run by her follower, Seren Warde). It's primarily stocked with the attack cards from Finders Keepers that Larxene stole upon leaving The Underworld, although she sells her own techniques as well.

List of former card shops[]

Most card shops have closed, due to either the leaving of their owners (in the case of Arcana Unlimited and Dragon's Card Shop), or the dissolution of the owning faction (in the case of Finders Keepers).

Arcana Unlimited : located in the Multiverse Mall and managed by Grace. It was unique, as it mostly sold cards belonging to players, in contrast to Finders Keepers and Dragon's Card Shop. Shortly after Fontaine Futuristics opened, however, Jinx burned Arcana Unlimited to the ground with the help of an Incinerate! plasmid.

Finders Keepers : located in the Tower of Twilight, and operated by the Underworld Finders . No longer open after the Finders dissolved, with Larxene taking most the remaining cards. It sold the cards belonging to various faction members.

Dragon's Card Shop : located in the Tower of Twilight, and owned by Rayquaza. Closed, due to the fact that the owner's player left the board, although it could reopen if he returns. It only sold Rayquaza's cards.


As of June 2011, both stores (Arcana Unlimited and Finders Keepers agreed to sponsor a card tournament, which they call the Deckfest . This is a fighting tournament where the combatants must defeat each other using only attack cards.

For a while, Recettear was the only remaining shop that sells attack cards; however, Recette had no intention of consolidating her monopoly on it. Eventually, Larxene opened Starlights Radiance.