• Roll D20

    Leaving the board

    July 14, 2014 by Roll D20

    Hey, this is Roll/Lucca's player. I don't know if you remember me or not. I was an active player around 2011, but, over two years ago, I left the board after a lot of personal drama that CRRP did not need.

    For those who remember, I'm here to apologize for my behavior, and to explain what happened. The truth is, I was suffering from clinical depression at the time. These bouts of depressions was what caused me to lash out and threaten to rage-quit. It induced episodes of extreme self-loathing. It also affected my ability to function in other areas of my life, but the game was where I erupted. However, at the time, I never made that connection, and just chalked it up to stress – which continued the cycle.

    But, when I left, I had time to reflec…

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  • Paused

    Complex Code???

    March 26, 2012 by Paused

    "Rich Text editting had been disabled due to complex code."

    So of us have gotten this message and have been locked out of editting our pages in Visual Mode. You didn't even DO complex things on your page, so why are you getting this message? Well, it just seems like another Wikia hiccup to me. Fixing it, however, is a simple matter.

    Your page is stuck on source mode. You will have to go through the page and remove any tag that is in these brackets: "". Some of you know that these brackets are used in html code, which is what they are here too. These tags are the complex code that are locking you out. You didn't put these tags in, the wiki did; most of them will be comment tags that are telling you what the description for a section on the pa…

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  • Paused

    Redirect pages

    February 28, 2011 by Paused

    Character known by another name? Want a follower name to link back to a general's page? Is something now called something different? Well you can create redirect pages that will send users to the desired page, or even a section on that page.

    ou make a new page and title it with the name or term that you think people will be typing in to find this something. In the edit box, enter:

    /#/redirect [/[/Page Title/]/]

    where Page title is the name of the page you want this one to redirect to. Remove the / symbols from my code. I've used this for B.B. Hood, so that the name Bulleta will lead to her page too.

    To send the user to a section (say that I put a section for Kadaj on my Jenova page and want people to go straight to there when they search for him),…

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  • Paused

    Spacing between paragraphs

    February 27, 2011 by Paused

    On some of the pages, you can see differences in spacing between paragraphs. Why is this? Because wikia has hiccups. Most of these oddly spaced pages were created before wikia switched over to "facebook skin", so formatting got buggered up.

    Which is correct? The one with less space, of course. The spacing here occurs when you hit the enter button after the end of the paragraph once, and it automatically gives the extra space between the two sentences. What is happening on the super spaced out paragraphs is that the enter key had been hit twice after a sentence, something we're used to doing when writing papers for class. What might have looked fine on the Monobook format looks obscene now.

    How do I fix? In the edit screen, go to these paragr…

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  • Paused

    Adding new sections to pages

    February 26, 2011 by Paused

    Sometimes you just want a new section on a page that isn't in the template that will link up into the contents. There is a very easy way to make this happen in the non-code editor (the one that doesn't look like notepad).

    1. Press enter after the last sentence of the section that you wish to create a new section after.
    2. Type the title of the new section and press enter again. Pressing enter will make sure that you will have a space under the new title that will have the Normal font style applied to it.
    3. Highlight the title, go to the format drop-box on the top left of the edit box, and click Heading 2. The title will now look and function just like the current sections, even appearing in the contents box once you publish.
    4. Enter the new content for …

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  • Paused

    About Bestiaries

    February 26, 2011 by Paused

    Previously, we were creating pages for any monster that could appear in the Multiverse and putting them into a Bestiary Catagory. This practice is to be discontinued as these articles were mostly stubs. The new practice is to edit the territory article, change the "Things to Attack" heading into "Bestiary", and start listing the monsters there. The Bestiary section should be a bulleted list and the names link back to a game wikia page. For example, the Goomba entry would link to the Goomba page on the Super Mario Wiki.

    This saves us work, as 90% of the monsters on the board are unchanged from canon, and it completes our beastiaries.

    When the whole species of monster changes on the board, it can be noted in the territory article. If a mod sta…

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