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Celestial Refresh's Banner
The Current Banner for the default board skin.
Info at a Glance
Primary Function Appealing Visual First Impression of the Board
Location Board Top

Celestial Refresh's Banner has been a hallmark of the board ever since Celestial Eruption was created in 2006. Since then, it has numerous edits, revisions, and version upgrades. Although no one has ever been officially assigned the task of creating, and updating the banner, the de facto member chiefly involved is the founding admin of the board itself, also known as Cracky.

The current banner reflects the state of the multiverse as of the beginning of 2009, and has been tweaked to reflect the Halloween holiday.

On November 1, 2009, a contest to design a new banner opened. The original deadline for submissions was December 1, 2009, but it was pushed back a few days to allow some late submissions. Ultimately, for the first time in board history, someone other than the founding administrator won a banner contest and had their banner posted - the player of Tifa Lockheart. This player's banner is now the banner for the default skin for the forum.


Banner Versions:
Celestial Eruption Banner 1.0
Celestial Eruption Banner 2.0(2.1) (2.2)
Celestial Eruption Banner 3.0/Refresh Banner 1.0
Celestial Refresh Banner 2.0(2.1)(2.2) (Halloween Edition)

After the conversion to Zetaboards, Celestial Refresh gained the capability to have different banners for each skin. The following is organized by skin:

Celestial Refresh Skin 1.0


The default banner contains the following characters:

Left: Villains

From top to bottom, left to right in rows.

Right: Heroes

From top to bottom, right to left in rows.

Using the Celestial Blue skin will give this banner. The following characters are currently listed as of August 2011:

  • Row 1: Ventus , Paula , Florina , Tyurru , Alan Schezar , Tails , B.B. Hood, Cynthia,Ledah , Zack Fair , Jenova , Alaric
  • Row 2: Tabitha , Ganondorf , Shiek & Zelda, Eliwood , Vyse, Sparrow , Michael Wilson , Isabella, Viewtiful Joe, Soap
  • Row 3: Ezio , (Logo hides names), Metal Sonic, Tifa Lockheart, Serina , Solidus, Beat
  • Row 4: Guy, (Logo hides names), Yukimaru, Ness, Vergil, Irvine Kinneas
  • Row 5: Ridley, Ninian, Flame Bomber, Pokemon Trainer Red, Sarah Kerrigan , Shade, Dante , Vanitas, Lightning
  • Row 6: Yukiko Amagi, Caulder, Thalnos, Namine, Luxord, Vladimir Makarov, Doviculus, Mannimarco, Garrus (Vakarian)
  • Row 7: (Garrus) Vakarian, Deadpool , Latias, SA-X,Lute , Yoshikage Kira, Algaliarept, Sho Minamimoto, Doctor Who, Aerith (Gainsborough)
  • Row 8: (Aerith) Gainsborough, Albert Wesker, Wil, Nessiahm, Sonic the Hedgehog, Typhlosion (misspelled), Spartan B-132, Optimus (Prime)
  • Row 9: (Optimus) Prime, Mist, Megaman, Luigi , Kanji, Altair, Ei(???, Logo hides names), (Darth) Phobos, Mark, Lucca
  • Row 10: (Luca) Blight, Midna, Terra, Aqua , Roxas , Sora , Cid Highwind, Cloud Strife, Aribeth, (Logo hides names), Sephiroth

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