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Arche Plumfield
Our Hero
Vital Statistics
Title(s) Energetic Swordsgirl
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction None
Relatives Mother and Father
Alignment +3
Level 1
Status Alive

 Arche Plumfield is a playable character and the main protagonist of Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone.

The player playing her goes by the name of Maz!, and has been playing her since October 15th, 2012.


In the country of Scotsholm, Arche had just moved to the town of Tonkiness with her parents, in hopes of attending the Minasa-Ratis Magic School. Too poor to afford an Elemental Stone, however, Arche decided to follow an odd rumour about a Stone that had been hidden in a cave. She found the stone, with the help of her friend Sana, but discovered it to be sealed and useless - although it did release a Wind Elemental named Chiffon, who quickly became Arche's best friend.

Arche, Sana, and their classmate Stella went on a quest to recover the three Wind Crests, which held the sealed power of Arche's Elemental Stone. During this quest, they came across a plot by the Dark Witch Selene to take the power of Minasa-Ratis for herself, in the name of her dark lord. Having unlocked the power of Arche's Elemental Stone, the legendary Silpheed, the three girls and Chiffon confronted Selene, thwarting her plans.

The day after that, Arche began to have strange dreams. She and her friends had promised to track down the two legendary Elemental Stones not in their possession - as Stella herself owned Alagorn - and she saw herself adventuring in a strange land in search for them.

When she woke up, she found herself in the strange land she had dreamed about! And no sign of Sana or Stella...


Arche hasn't currently achieved much of note in the Multiverse. She's become friends with Recette Lemongrass, and hopes to see her again soon - but that's about it.

Powers and Capabilities[]

Arche is a swordsgirl, trained by her father, who is said to be the greatest swordsman in Scotsholm. Arche is very skilled with her sword, far moreso than most would expect a girl her age to be, although the Multiversal Drain has dampened her reflexes somewhat.

Arche is very acrobatic, and can jump surprisingly high, as well as scale walls almost like a monkey. She can cartwheel and roll about willy-nilly in combat, and has even managed to incorporate her acrobatics into her unique fighting style. By tapping into the power of the Elemental Stone Silpheed, Arche can fuse temporarily with the Wind Elemental Chffon, increasing her reflexes and maneuverability, and granting her some control over wind elemental magic. Without this Unison power, however, she's very inept at any sort of magic.


"...Huuh. I never thought about that. Yeah, how come cupcakes aren't their own food group?!" - Arche should never be allowed to listen to Recette's theories for too long.


Arche is... not smart. She can't count higher than ten without taking her shoes and socks off.

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